Jeremy Clarkson under fire for brewery competition as Restaurant D-Day approaches

Jeremy Clarkson under fire for brewery competition as Restaurant D-Day approaches

Jeremy Clarkson has been criticized for competing with a local microbrewery before D-Day in his last fight with the planners.

The former Top Gear icon launched the Hawkstone Lager with a major event at Cotswold Brewery in Bourton-on-the-Water shortly before Christmas.

But a villager objects to the latest plans of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The host wondered why he was allowed to compete with the Chadlington Brewery located a short distance from his farm.

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Opktor Siobhan Mansel-Bledel, a local resident and sustainable marketing consultant, has opposed Mr. Clarkson’s business plan that claims he needs a new restaurant and large parking to counteract the decline in agricultural subsidies.

The West Oxfordshire County Council’s Planning Subcommittee will decide on the request on Monday.

Clarkson’s plans to run a Cotswold farm appear in the Amazon Prime TV series Clarkson’s Farm and claims that his celebrity status means he can easily sell his produce online or at the village butcher, shop or coffee shop.

“It is noteworthy that the opportunity to provide direct support to other local businesses has been available to the farm shop for some time,” she wrote.

“It is worth noting that instead of selling Chadlington Brewery beer, for example, the decision was to launch a local competitor business.”

The 61-year-old TV presenter is already in a hot spot with council officials for allegedly failing to comply with planning terms on what he can and cannot sell at Diddly Squat Farm Shop in Chadlington.

People come from all over the country to buy items ranging from food and drink to candles and key chains.

But planners are taking enforcement action over a rule that would prevent him from selling merchandise that wasn’t manufactured within a 16-mile radius of Diddly Squat Farm.

It is not clear which merchandise is in the notification center.

The Hawkstone Lager is manufactured by Cotswold Brewery which, depending on which route you take, is between 13 and 15.9 miles apart according to the AA website.

Clarkson also made a mistake by planners about the ceiling color at the mid-row ranch shop.

And third, officials are recommending to council members to reject the request to convert the lamb shed into a restaurant and create a parking lot on the farm.

Monday’s D-Day meeting looks like it’s going to be explosive as the controversy has divided the community but should provide good viewing for fans of Clarkson’s Farm due to premiere in a second series.

The app claims that the restaurant is essential to the future of the farm.

She says the business plan “demonstrates that the proposals will be to diversify farms and that they will support essential agribusiness, which faces a significant decline in income through 2028.”

“The proposals support existing rural works which are in themselves important in maintaining the inherent character and natural beauty of the landscape.”

But Ms Mansell-Bledel is one of many objectors to the action plan being submitted to West Oxfordshire County Council.

It claims to exaggerate the impact of eliminating subsidies and ignore potential income and is wrong to suggest that the plans are essential to the farm’s future survival.

She claims that if income from Clarkson’s ranch went to the ranch rather than a “media entity,” it would paint a different picture.

Dozens of other opponents of the planning app also say that the fact that people come from all over the country to look at the store means it can’t be seen in the same way as others in the area.

They claim that the sheer numbers lead to chaos on local roads.

“Jeremy’s celebrity stature shifts focus from an everyday farm shop with an accompanying restaurant to a fan destination where pilgrimages are performed,” added the lengthy letter, written by Ms. Mansell-Bledel, one of about 60 exhibitors.

“The rise in visitor numbers resulting from the celebrity status cannot be adequately mitigated in the current footprint.”

No one was available to comment at Chadlington Brewery Owned by local man Jason Chipchase who recently purchased the village pub, The Tite Inn and sponsors local cricket and football teams.

Diddly Diddly Squat Farm store is currently closed, much to the disappointment of fans.

If Clarkson’s restaurant plan is scrapped, an unfortunate two weeks will be brought to an end, as he accidentally ‘halved’ his thumb and left it in the mud with testicles smashed by a ‘killer cow’.

Gloucestershire Live was unable to contact Mr. Clarkson.

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