3 Email Marketing Trends to Help You Get Started in 2022

3 Email Marketing Trends to Help You Get Started in 2022

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Email has become the preferred way for people to stay updated on the brands and products they are interested in. However, the email marketers who enjoy the most success are the ones who adapt with the times.

Email marketing strategies are always changing. 2021 saw many developments, some of them unexpected. Let’s look at five industry changes you should check out before 2022 kicks in. Adapting to these changes and trends can be a huge boost to your email campaigns.

Email marketing will become more relevant

In most areas, lockdowns have reduced consumers’ in-store shopping habits. McKinsey & Company found that 75% of people have experienced new shopping behaviors as a result of restrictions. As online shopping and home delivery are becoming more and more popular, there is no more reliance on email anymore.

The total number of emails (sent and received) has increased every year since 2017. The expected number of emails to be sent every day In 2022 it is estimated to be a staggering 333.2 billion.

For email marketers who want to get the most out of their campaigns, that means you have a lot of competition in your inbox. So, what can you do to stand out? It’s as simple as planning and sending emails that people want to open. Customers will want to unlock emails that have real value.

For those who haven’t yet jumped on the email marketing bandwagon, it may seem like it’s too late. This is not so. Even brands launching a newsletter in 2022 can enjoy massive returns and deliver all the right things to their customers.

Open prices are no longer ‘the end of everything’

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) went into effect in September 2021. Due to privacy issues, Apple stopped senders from tracking open rates with invisible pixels. This will lead to false unlocks, noted Chad S. White, head of research at Oracle Marketing Consulting, noting that “all Apple unlocks will be greatly inflated in the future.” The problem, in short, is that unengaged subscribers will appear to be active.

So, open rates are pretty much dead. This does not mean that they are useless metrics, but it does mean that they are less reliable. Instead, we’ll see more focus on click rates and overall email engagement.

In 2022, one-on-one communication with readers and customers will be key. Next year, try to reframe the mindset that email marketing is a one-way form of communication. Encourage responses, and when a reader sends you a message, write again by all means. Engagement will likely escalate like never before, and you can be ahead of the adoptive curve ahead of your competition.

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data decay acceleration

On average, a quarter of an email list goes bad in one year. In 2020 and 2021, email lists have been swinging faster. For example, at ZeroBounce, we found that 30% of our email database became obsolete in the last year, so we had to give up those contacts.

Why did this happen?

For many people, their job situation has changed. The shutdowns resulted in thousands of businesses going into loss. Some people were laid off and many jobs changed. In what became known as the “Great Resignation,” millions of workers left their jobs and some retired early. The result is a significant acceleration of data decomposition.

With all the competition in the inbox, marketers can’t risk landing in a spam folder because of bad data. Regular email list cleaning is an email marketing best practice that will only intensify in 2022. Monitor the quality of your list and remove old contacts with an email checker. If you have a dynamic list and get a lot of subscriptions, you may have to validate it monthly.

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Some Additional Email Marketing Tips to Beat 2022

Email has changed drastically over the past five years, but in the last year there have been some real transformations. A wise email marketer stays aware of trends, and adapts to regulations and practices.

With some brainstorming and trial and error, there’s no reason why you can’t be a trendsetter rather than a follower. Whether you are a beginner or an expert email marketer, here are some more tips to beat 2022:

  • Focus on click rates and conversions. After all, that’s the name of the game. What content leads to higher click-through rates and better conversions?

  • Keep spam complaints at bay. You should receive no more than one complaint for every 1,000 emails you send. Remove these contacts immediately.

  • Test plain text against HTML emails. Changing to plain text or sending a more detailed HTML email can make all the difference. Some audiences respond better to one.

  • Try a shorter or longer version. It depends on your company, your products and most of all your audience. Experiment with different lengths until you find the one that works for you.

  • Let people sign up. What’s the point of having a list if people have to struggle to sign up? Get multiple subscription forms and talk about your newsletter on all your other channels.

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The spirit of experimentation can spark innovative email ideas

Marketers can learn a lot from all the changes in email marketing and strategize on how to be ahead of the curve in 2022. Remember, trends start with someone. When you develop an idea, just because it’s completely different and not practiced doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. The spirit of experimentation, curiosity, and entrepreneurship is the right frame of mind when you want to use emails to their fullest potential.


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