CentrePal has taken the world’s first native Microsoft Teams call center solution to the UK following the success of APAC

CentrePal has taken the world’s first native Microsoft Teams call center solution to the UK following the success of APAC

Following the strong market response to the arrival of the world’s native contact center solution for Microsoft Teams in Australia and the APAC region, CentrePal is set to generate massive interest from the UK by creating the region’s first Azure data center.

CentrePal hit the market in 2021 and quickly developed a glowing reputation in Australia and our neighbors for the way it revolutionized the already extensive capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

CentrePal’s original access-neutral call center solution for Microsoft Teams has provided feature-rich call center capabilities to Australian businesses that previously relied on discrete call center platforms and limited PABX functionality to deliver customer service.

CentrePal used Microsoft’s “Extend and Power” integration model to turn Microsoft Teams into a complete contact center solution. With Microsoft Teams already in widespread use across government agencies, businesses and SMEs, CentrePal has been well received in the Australian market by organizations of all sizes that have long sought the original Teams call center solution.

The successful Asia Pacific launch was highly noted which led to increased demand in the UK. “One of the common feedback we get from our customers and partners in the Asia Pacific region is that there has long been a demand for these advanced call center functionality within Teams,” said Judd Donne, Director, Asia Pacific Partners, CentrePal.

“Because CentrePal is not dependent on access, it is truly a plug-and-play solution that allows Teams to become an all-in-one contact center solution within the familiar Teams interface,” Don said.

“Because of its ease of use, we have found that there is a demand for this solution not only from companies with active call centers but also from small businesses that have a smaller customer service team and are looking for a more advanced feature set than what is already in Microsoft’s original PABX system for service functionality. clients.

“CentrePal allows these customer service teams to provide a more personalized service to their customers and clients, and has enhanced the customer experience at all stages and allowed for a more consistent customer experience across the organization.”

CentrePal’s omnichannel capability allows call center agents to interact with customers no matter how they connect to the business, all regardless of the telephony infrastructure and service providers in use.

CentrePal works seamlessly with call plans, direct routing and the newly announced operator connection for PSTN calls without the need for any complex integrations or workarounds.

CentrePal also provides instant mobility for call center agents, allowing them to work equally from home or the office, with all the benefits and security compliance that Teams provides at all times.

Dunn said companies using CentrePal can look forward to all of these key benefits, particularly in the UK with the creation of the Azure data center region.

“With Azure Communication Services, CentrePal is bringing a modern, intelligent, multi-channel, on-premise communications solution experience into Teams for call center agents and customer service teams of all sizes,” Dunn said.

“This provides a one-app, one-screen call center experience using the scaling and power integration model.”

You can book a CentrePal demo for yourself here.

CP Teams app user interface

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