SEO 2022: What to Expect in SEO 2022?

SEO 2022: What to Expect in SEO 2022?

SEO 2022

SEO 2022

Search engine optimization expert

Search engine optimization expert

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– John Deframis

ATHENS, Marousi, Greece, January 7, 2022 / – It is very common to make predictions and speculations about how to expect the SEO industry to diversify at the beginning of each year. will make an effort to predict and define the SEO environment for 2022.

First of all, the characteristics of the last couple of years are known to have led to faster than expected growth of e-commerce worldwide, something that will likely continue. This increase is expected to encourage more entrepreneurs to invest part of their advertising budget in online advertising (Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram) in order to achieve more immediate results. But it will surely motivate some of them to take their first organized steps in SEO 2022.

This, in turn, will drive some companies to engage in the new year with local SEO, increasing Google My Business pages – and thus competition – in the local market, but at the same time operating with more accuracy and relevant results for users.

At the same time, the ever-increasing number of users who will move and make online purchases through mobile devices will prompt more companies to focus more on creating mobile-friendly websites, and invest more aggressively in mobile optimization. Perhaps (hopefully) some companies will build their websites using a mobile-first approach!

On the other hand, dares to predict that 2022 will not be the year when voice search will be so strong, although in recent years it has been an attractive topic with an extensive reference in every article on international SEO. Instead, the power of videos will continue to expand to include organic results, giving more and more importance to video marketing.

Focusing a bit on the more technical issues, Google will almost certainly give more focus to search intent, which will benefit those already setting up their SEO strategy with this in mind. Respectively, it seems that the importance of the EAT factor for ranking websites in organic results will be enhanced. This is a relatively recent term in “Search Engine Optimization” – but it’s really not very new – which refers to the three features of every site which are “Experience, Authority and Trust”.

At the same time, the evolution in the way users conduct searches, combined with the evolution of Google itself and the more comprehensive adoption of featured snippets by more websites, is expected to increase the number of clickless searches. At the same time, a further reduction in the number of organic results on the first page (on desktops / laptops) is not excluded, while the arrival of infinity on mobile devices should be taken for granted, since Google has already started testing it in October.

In the end, I would like to point out some devout wishes for SEO 2022! First of all, it would be good for more home businesses to design a built-in SEO strategy based on really high-quality content, hosted on websites that perform well, providing the user with an enjoyable browsing experience (UX), which reduces the Dangerous old-fashioned value or ineffective SEO tactics that some still suggest and apply.

If one simply thinks about why Google and every search engine exists and why users end up using it, one will discover a lot of the “secret” of successful search engine optimization. Google’s goal is to show users the most relevant and useful results for each search, find the information they’re looking for, be satisfied as their “customers”, and favor them again on their next search. In short, an easy to use and reliable website, with interesting, sufficient and clear content, is a good leavening to start any business to successfully deal with SEO.

In addition, it will also be encouraging if more entrepreneurs and SEO experts begin to realize that high standing in organic results should not be an end in itself nor the only goal of achieving an SEO strategy. Instead, it should be combined with simple KPIs like Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Commercial Record (CR), but also with more complex indicators like CLV (Customer Life Value), while the content of each site should be such that It aims not only to achieve high organic results, but also to generate new leads and especially in customer retention, maintenance of existing customers, which is often neglected.

In conclusion, this year is hoping that more websites will remove their link to Google+, the social media known to all those who have been involved in SEO for years – which despite being canceled since April 2019, continues to meet daily until today on Different sites!

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