6 things you need to know about SMS messages

6 things you need to know about SMS messages

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Consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with businesses on their mobile devices. Now, the majority of users are accessing the internet using their mobile devices. They are increasingly communicating with companies via SMS. Although not as widely used as social media, SMS is an endearing means of communication. It remains a vital tool for engagement and customer service.

There are several reasons for your company to use SMS messages to communicate with customers:

  • It’s fast.
  • it’s easy.
  • It’s basically personal

In many parts of the world, people cannot use other forms of communication if cell phone towers or Wi-Fi connections are not available – which makes SMS messages a great way to reach these audiences. Here are six things you need to know about SMS messages:

  1. One can easily know the status of the messages

Although companies can use a wide range of messaging tools for business purposes, only some of them indicate whether messages were sent successfully. Email and social media platforms do not consistently provide text messages or let customers know if their texts have been received. SMS messages, on the other hand, have a delivery receipt feature built in – letting recipients know when they received your message. This is useful because it shows customers that you are making an effort to connect with them. Additionally, if you receive failed messages, you can always resend another text. This way, you can avoid a bad reputation as a business due to your delivery issues.

  1. The majority of users communicate with companies via SMS
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One of the advantages of SMS messages is that they are a popular form of communication among smartphone users. What does this mean for your business? If you have a customer base that uses smartphones, messaging apps are not going away anytime soon. This means that your customers are still open to communicating via text messages. And since most small and medium businesses are already using email or social media marketing campaigns to interact with their customers, your audience will likely be comfortable sharing via text messages as well.

  1. SMS messages allow direct communication

When you use social media for business, you are not only connecting with customers but also building relationships with them. The same applies to the use of SMS messages for customer service and engagement purposes. When consumers are able to contact support directly through a text message service, they feel more appreciated that the company is making an effort to reach them in person. Also, since the texts are very short in length (160 characters), people are not very patient if companies take too long to respond or not respond at all. So not only does texting build trust, it also encourages customers to take action.

  1. Personal and informal SMS messages

In many cases, people prefer informal methods of communication over more formal ones. For example, email marketers and journalists often prefer email who want to communicate with customers professionally. However, most consumers prefer something more private – such as SMS. SMS is also preferred because it is mainly informal. There is no need for any kind of formal greeting all the time – users text each other as if they are talking face to face or over the phone. This means that SMBs can easily let their customers know what is happening behind the scenes, make them feel individual and valuable, and ultimately convince them to take action.

  1. Text messages can be customized to customer preferences

One of the advantages of SMS messages is that users can customize their personal preferences so that only certain people send them messages – even if those individuals do not choose to receive communications from your brand. For example, some people only allow family members and friends to contact them via text messages – but don’t mind receiving marketing messages as long as they select this option. On the other hand, other people don’t want text messages from anyone – including friends, family members, and businesses. However, they are okay with emails. It is better to know your customer’s preferences so that you can send messages to them accordingly without much hassle or confusion.

  1. Text messages reach customers even when they don’t check email

Although it may seem that email marketing is the most effective way to reach people because email boxes can be accessed at any time of the day. This is not always true for all users because some people prefer not to check their emails every hour of the day. And even if they log into their email accounts during off hours, they probably won’t be able to respond right away. On the other hand, text messages can be sent directly to the mobile phones of your customers – even if they are sleeping or working. This is why SMS has become a popular means of communication for businesses and marketers as it is very convenient for all involved.

Text messaging is a fast, easy and convenient way to communicate with customers. Since SMS messages are sent out frequently, companies need to ensure that all potential customers hear their messaging efforts. You will not only gain the trust of customers, but you will also be able to influence them to take the necessary actions. In general, text messages open the door to increased interaction with existing potential customers and new consumers who would not otherwise have picked up the phone or checked email.

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