Brown beat the Bengals: How did social media react during Sunday’s season finale

Brown beat the Bengals: How did social media react during Sunday’s season finale

Cleveland, Ohio – The Browns ended their disappointing 2021 season by defeating the Cincinnati Bengals, 21-16, on Sunday.

Case Keenum got the start and threw for 176 yards and two touchdowns. D’Ernest Johnson also had a strong day with a 123-yard rush and a TD.

Jadeveon Clowney had two of the four Browns on the Bengals backup Brandon Allen.

The win meant Brown finished the season with a record 8-9, 3-3 in North Asia.

Here’s how social media reacted throughout the Sunday season finale.

First Quarter

“That’s it. Ja’Marr Chase has now broken Chad Johnson’s record,” Kelsey Conway tweeted from the Cincinnati Enquirer After Chase took a bubble screen for 24 yards on the second lead of the Bengals for the game.

Forget Brandon Allen vs. Case Keenum. This is a fight between Dustin Colkett vs. Kevin Hopper. #Bengal # Brown, ” Daryl Reuter from 92.3 tweeted.

“It’s funny how the Bengals reserve defense still sits on the same old plays and stops them before they even start. Wide receivers still don’t open and go down of course. Definitely Baker Mayfield’s fault,” Bleacher Report’s Brett Sobelsky tweeted. “

“It looks like a pre-season match. # Brown, ” ESPN Cleveland’s Chris Oldach tweeted.

“There is not a single full-time defensive player in the Bengals field in this leadership,” he said. Ben Bibi tweeted, covering the Bengals for ESPN.

“Juice drop! I hope the guy stays in Cleveland,” Hugh Hewitt tweeted After Kas Keenum’s 26-yard pass to Jarvis Landry, the Browns gave the Browns a 7-0 lead.

Second Quarter

“Jadeveon Clowney has had a really good year in Cleveland. He should try to stay there. It has been really good for him,” Matt Miller tweeted from

“14-0! I take it,” ESPN Cleveland’s Emmett Golden tweeted Following the path of D’Ernest Johnson landing.

“D’Ernest Johnson may not be an advantage, but he can certainly help the team as part of a tandem,” Pete Smith tweeted from Brown’s Digest.

“This was a Garrett, Clooney sandwich from Brandon Allen. # Brown, ” Tweet PJ Ziegler of FOX 8.

Smith after Case Clooney Brandon Allen: “Cloney gets his bonus. 9 bags.

Ziggler: “Cloney and Landry are playing themselves today’s game for # Brown

Sobelsky after choosing Keenome In the end zone in the last play of the first half: “It’s not as easy to find a competent QB as people think.”

“Men are still going the wrong ways at week 18,” Anthony Lima from 92.3 tweeted.

Third quarter

“Browns is one of Keenum’s wrong steps away from my top 10 picks right now,” Smith tweeted.

Nick Chap is back in the game for # Brown He hasn’t attended since the beginning of the second quarter.” ESPN Cleveland’s Matt Fontana tweeted.

“Nick Chubb’s running was the definition of an angry run # Brown, ” Courtney Shaw tweeted from WEWS-TV After a 34-yard run by Chubb in the late third quarter.

“Brown has nothing to play for but taking care of my family.” Chris Long, a former NFL defensive lineman tweeted.

Fourth quarter

Sobelsky after an incomplete pass From Keenum to Donovan Peoples-Jones for fourth and goal: “”Case Keenum would be better than Baker Mayfield” was a huge hit today. (And I think Mayfield should have been sitting out a few weeks to recover from all his injuries.)”

Rider: “A great season-ending for Dernest Johnson is here. He just broke 100 with this conversion at 3 & 1. # Brown

“Good for Felton!” Hewitt tweeted after catching Demetrik Felton for 10 yards Brown gave a 21-10 lead with 7:14 to play.

“And of course Stefansky makes the best run call if the year is in the red,” Lima tweeted.

Ziggler: “No one celebrated this TD more than James Hudson III pumped the air with his fist and let out a massive shriek! # Brown

“Dimitrik Felton kind of disappeared after such a hot start, but I still think he and Schwartz could be legitimate weapons going forward,” he said. Jordan Xerm from The Checkdown tweeted.

“The total on this Browns game is 38. The people in the desert are good at their jobs,” Dustin Fox tweeted from 92.3 the fan After landing the Bengals cut the brown lead to 21-16.

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