EFI & Large Northeast Utility offers thousands of electric vehicle chargers to customers

The EFI Utility Customer and EFI Marketing and Customer Engagement teams collaborate to deliver targeted, impact marketing that leads customers directly to the branded and easy-to-shop EFI marketplace. Ensuring customers the best opportunity for learning and conversion as they shop for electric vehicle charges from Chargepoint and Enel-X.

How we did it:

  • A collaborative and innovative partnership
  • Easily customizable digital landing page development
  • Integrated, targeted and personalized marketing awareness
  • Easy-to-use market technology
  • Fast and uninterrupted supply and delivery chain

A key component of this EFI’s utility customer program is its ability to efficiently support customer demand, given the growth in electric vehicle popularity and affordability. Both EFI and the customer have worked to ensure that energy efficient solutions are easily accessible, shopping and any questions can be answered by EFI’s dedicated and personalized call center staff. EFI and the client collaborate on how best to advertise and educate target customers. By combining customers’ end-to-end channel journey, matching their marketing with EFI’s market experience, allowing for a seamless, high-conversion experience (6X standard e-commerce sites!). This program was very influential, and will run until 2022.

Example of educational content for a marketing + e-commerce website:

“It is always a pleasure to work with innovative partners and utility customers, especially those who trust EFI’s subject matter expertise. It is even more exciting to see how much of an impact our work will make, how much energy customers will now save, and how much that work in support of our mission!” He said Jonathan KoonsEFI National Marketing Director. “Ensuring that customers have access to energy efficient products at affordable prices is what powers EFI, and it is what we do every day. With over 4 decades of experience and nearly 1 million dollars In energy-saving grants funded across the country, success like this electric vehicle charger program motivates us to do more for our customers and the planet! I am very proud of how my team collaborated with our clients to make this impact.”

About EFI
Energy Federation (EFI), a leading provider of energy efficiency technology solutions, is changing the way people save energy and how utilities interact with their customers. EFI is a leading technology provider to the branded marketplace and instant discount programs for utility companies. EFI’s comprehensive product solutions and innovative incentives help utilities meet the needs of their customers – at the speed of life. To learn more about how EFI can help, visit www.efi.org.

SOURCE Energy Federation Inc.


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