The creator of the original hate app popularized his code |  India latest news

The creator of the original hate app popularized his code | India latest news

Delhi Police said on Sunday that a man allegedly created the first GitHub webpage where fake pictures of Muslim women were uploaded in July 2021 for an “auction”.

Police identified the person as Omkareshwar Thakur, 26, and police said he was arrested from his home in New York City Township Indore on Saturday night. Police said this was the first time an arrest had been made in the “Sully Deals” case. This development came after recent arrests in a similar case.

The Intelligence Integration and Strategic Operations Unit (IFSO) of the Delhi Police Special Cell said Thakur’s arrest came after receiving information about him from “Poly Bay” case mastermind Neeraj Bishnoi during investigation. Bishnoi was arrested for creating web pages targeting Muslim women after these portals first appeared in July 2021 under the title “Sully Deals”.

Thakur was a member of a group on Twitter where the scheme to defame Muslim women was discussed, according to Deputy Police Commissioner KPS Malhotra, head of Delhi’s cybercrime cell. Thakur holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from IPS Academy in Indore and works as a freelance web developer.

“He developed the code on GitHub and it was accessible to all members of the group. He shared the app on his Twitter account. Pictures of Muslim women were uploaded by members of the group,” Malhotra said.

“He joined a group on Twitter by the name of Tradmahasabha in January 2020 using the Twittergangescion handle. During group discussions, members discussed the topic of trolling Muslim women. He developed the app on GitHub. After the uproar around the first app, he deleted all his footprints on the websites,” added Malhotra. Social Media.

Thakur was arrested three days after police arrested Bishnoi, 21, a resident of Jorhat in Assam, on Wednesday night. Police said Saturday morning that Bishnoi, a second-year student at B.TECH, was part of a group involved in creating the first webpage.

In the 24 hours leading up to his arrest Wednesday night, Bishnoi posted tweets via his Twitter account, claiming that he knew the makers of the first GitHub webpage under the name “Sulli Deals” and that he “cloned the repository” and “edited” the code as well as the graphics “to build the second platform from Like, ‘Bulli Bai’.

Malhotra asserted that it was Bishnoi’s interrogation that led the police to Thakur.

Bishnoi used to interact with various virtual identities on social media and participate in group discussions. In July 2021, in one of the groups, of which Bishnoi was a member, another member of the group shared details of the first GitHub app. “It was the first time Bishnoi had heard of this app. The mentioned Twitter handle was brought back and learned that after the uproar over the first app, the said Twitter handle and other digital traces were erased from various social media platforms.”

“Bishnoi also said that the Twitter tab belongs to someone who resides in Indore,” Malhotra said. “Based on regression analysis and archive data, a Twitter username has been identified as Aumkar Thakur, and our team arrested him from Indore on Saturday.”

Another official said the Twitter group had 13 to 14 members when the first app was planned. “Bishnoi and Thakur did not meet face to face until then. They talked to each other via video call once or twice. They downloaded pictures to the group. Then Thakur used it to build the first app,” said the officer, who asked not to be identified.

During questioning on Sunday, Bishnoi told police he wanted to portray someone from his rival camp on social media as the creator of the first app. Prior to his arrest, Bishnoi claimed, via his Twitter account @giyo44, that a person named Javed Alam was behind the first app, officials said.

Bishnoi wanted to film Alam. He said he learned from a rival group on Twitter. He was even planting app codes on a Twitter ID called Javed Alam. Officials said his plan was to arrest Alam in the first case.

In Indore, the Thakur family refused to believe the police theory and news reports. “My son told me over the phone that he had done nothing wrong,” his father Akhilesh Thakur said. “Some of the accused have taken his name and he is wrongly implicated.”

Originally from Darbhanga in Bihar, the family moved to Indore 32 years ago.

“My brother completed his BSc in Computer Application in 2017-18 from a private college in Indore. He has not been active on any social media platform for over a year. He has been busy with his IT projects. He has been earning well,” Thakur’s brother Mandaleshwar said. During the past four years.” “He has never done anything wrong. He is involved in a false case.”

Even as Thakur’s family denied any wrongdoing, police officers who questioned him said the man had a different personality in the virtual world.

An investigative officer, who asked not to be named, said that Thakur identified himself as a “trader” on Twitter and was in a Twitter group. The officer said Trades has a self-motivated philosophy of ensuring the world doesn’t change.

“Even Bishnoi claimed to be a Twitter dealer, which means he is a traditionalist. In fact, Bishnoi in his Twitter posts also said that the three suspects arrested by Mumbai Police in the second app case are innocent because they were not traffickers like him,” the officer said. “Thakur introduced himself as a merchant and joined the Tradmahasabha group in 2020. We have recovered his electronic device and are trying to trace its contents.”

Police are now trying to track down other members of the group, who uploaded photos or were part of Tradmahasabha in 2020.

The two controversial GitHub web pages in July 2021 and January 2022 sparked outrage, after which the Delhi Police registered a case. After the second web page went viral on social media, many people filed complaints in Delhi and Mumbai.

Police in Mumbai and Delhi are investigating the case separately. Mumbai police have arrested three people in the case – Sweta Singh (18), her friend Mayank Rawat (20), who are both residents of Uttarakhand, and Vishal Kumar Jha (21), an engineering student from Bengaluru. The three shared the app and promoted it on social media, according to the police.


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