Top 10 most popular programming languages ​​among job seekers

Top 10 most popular programming languages ​​among job seekers

by Satavisa Patti
January 10 2022

Top 10 most popular programming languages ​​among job seekers

As a job seeker, you must know the 10 most popular programming languages

After the pandemic, AI has become one of the top agendas for businesses as it provides improved customer experience, flexibility, and reliability. With advances in machine learning, data analytics, and conversational AI, companies are finding it possible and affordable to deploy AI tools that allow them to solve problems and increase efficiency. Here are the 10 most popular programming languages ​​among job seekers.

1. Python

Python can be considered the future of programming languages. According to the latest statistics, Python is the main coding language for about 80% of developers. Having extensive libraries in Python facilitates artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning processes. Currently, Python is trending and can be considered the king of programming languages. So, learning this programming language in 2022 promises you success and growth.

It is one of the most profitable languages ​​which offers amazing features like:

  • Easy to learn and encode
  • Extensive libraries and frameworks that support a large number of applications
  • Merge Java and C variables like CPython, Python, etc.
  • GUI support
  • Companies running on Python: Intel, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, etc.

2. Java

Java is one of the most powerful programming languages ​​currently in use on more than 3 billion devices. Java is currently one of the most popular technologies. It is used in desktop applications, mobile applications, web development, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, and many more. So, learning and excelling in this technology offers insanely high salaries, amazing growth opportunities, and global recognition. Some of the notable features of Java are:

  • Platform independence and object-oriented programming
  • Improve productivity, performance and security
  • It’s the safest language
  • The companies that work on Java are Amazon, Adobe, Flipkart, Instagram, etc.

Therefore, Java can be considered as one of the best languages ​​to learn in 2022.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world on the web. According to the survey, more than 97 percent of websites use JavaScript on the client side of a web page.

  • It has a well-organized database that provides improved productivity and readability
  • Easy to learn and highly demanded
  • Platform independence and greater browser control
  • Provide user input validation features
  • The best companies using JavaScript are Microsoft, Uber, PayPal, Google, Walmart, etc.

According to the latest statistics, 72% of companies are looking for JavaScript developers. Hence, learning JavaScript can be the most amazing decision you can make in 2022 to support your career.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language designed for application development. It is used by more than 60% of Android developers. Kotlin ranks fourth among the fastest growing programming languages ​​in many popular indicators. Some of the notable features of Kotlin are:

  • Brief code and structured synchronization
  • Enhanced security features
  • Encryption is about 20% less compared to Java
  • It is 100% interoperable.
  • The companies running on Kotlin are Pinterest, Uber, Trello, Amazon, etc.

So, if you are ready to build your career in Android app development, learning Kotlin in 2022 is the best option you can make.

5. s

R is a programming language for statistical and graphic programming. It is widely used among statisticians and data miners for data analysis. It is of great importance in data analysis, finance and telecom sectors.

  • It has expanded libraries for interactive graphics
  • object-oriented programming language
  • Supports cross-platform operation
  • Very extendable
  • The largest companies using R are Flipkart, Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn.

There is a huge shortage of people with experience in R so learning this language can be a bright career choice.

6. PHP

PHP is one of the general purpose scripting languages ​​that will continue to maintain its relevance in the coming years. It is among the first server-side languages ​​that can be included with HTML to add functionality to web pages. Due to the growing trend online, PHP developers are in high demand. Some of the amazing features are:

  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Faster than other scripting languages
  • Highly secure to block threats and attacks
  • Great websites like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia run on PHP.

7. Go

Go is one of the most reliable and efficient programming languages ​​that stand out from the rest. It was originally conceived at Google in 2007 to manage its rapidly growing infrastructure. It quickly gained amazing popularity and became one of the best programming languages. Some of the great features of Go are:

  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Supports automation processes
  • Facilitates AI and Data Science operations
  • The companies running on Go are Google, BBC, Medium, and Uber.

Go is the future of programming language so you can definitely consider learning this in 2022.

8. c

C is a general-purpose programming language that is designed to run efficiently on games, graphics, and enterprise applications. It offers amazing features such as:

  • Having inbuilt jobs and operators
  • It is extendable
  • Improved speed and efficiency
  • The best C language companies are GitHub, Telegram messenger, MasterCard, etc.

It is in great demand despite the emergence of new programming languages. The C language provides opportunities to build a successful career.

9. Swift

It is a powerful programming language developed by Apple Inc. It is used to create apps for iOS, watchOS, macOS, and many more. It can be considered the future of high-performance and secure applications. So sooner you will reach the highest level in programming languages.

It offers some great features like:

  • Easy to understand and maintain
  • Velocity development process
  • Performance Boost
  • Supports dynamic libraries
  • The companies running on Swift are Apple, Instagram, Uber, and Slack.

10. bad #

C# is a programming language that runs within the .NET framework and was developed by Microsoft in the year 2000. It is powerful for making desktop applications and games. According to the survey, 34% of the best mobile games are made using C#. It is a well-designed language that is in great demand globally.

  • Easy to learn and understand
  • It is fully integrated with .NET libraries
  • The top companies working on C# are Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Accenture, and Alibaba Travels.

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