12 runners across the country academically with honors in MAC

12 runners across the country academically with honors in MAC

Cleveland, Ohio (EMUEagles.com) – The Mid-America Conference announced the 2021 teams for men and women across the academic world across the country today, January 11. His name is on the men’s team.

On the women’s side, Toledo advanced the league with 11 student-athletes. Central Michigan had 10 student-athletes assigned, while Bowling Green State and Ohio named nine players each. In addition, Miami and western Michigan had seven, Poole and northern Illinois added six, and Akron and eastern Michigan went down five on the list.

Buffalo led the men’s teams in 2021 with a total of 11 honors, followed by Toledo with eight student-athletes. Eastern Michigan had seven, Green State Bowling and Miami had six, Kent State and Ohio added five, and Central Michigan had three.

The Academic All-MAC Honor is dedicated to the student-athlete who excelled in athletics and academics. To qualify, a student-athlete must have a GPA of at least 3.20 and have participated in at least 50 percent of the competitions for that particular sport.

Eastern Michigan county saw seven of its men’s team earn this distinction: Seniors Ronald Brandal (Huron, Ohio-Huron), Solomon Costa (Ghanna, Ohio-Ghanna Lincoln)And Chris Devani (New Plymouth and New Zealand – New Plymouth)And Baldwin Magnuson (Akureyri, University of Iceland Hull)And Noah Perrin (Akron, Ohio-Woodridge), And Eddie Zwercher (Rocky River, Ohio-Rocky River), and young Andy Payne (Worthington, Ohio – Thomas Worthington).

Meanwhile, the women’s squad had five honors recipients from the Academic All-MAC: Seniors Olivia Chandler (Brighton, Michigan – Brighton) And Lexi Siffert (Waterford, Ba-Villa Maria Academy), and the kids my name is davis (Lake District, England-Queen Elizabeth Grammar School)And Sofia Ivanko (Buenos Aires, Argentina – Saint Matthew’s College), And Caitlin St. Bernard (Newport, Michigan Jefferson).

In all, nine of the 12 vultures named to the list had a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Additionally, six of them had at least a 3.9 GPA, while Chandler had a perfect 4.0.

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2021 Academic Cross Country Team of Women from across MAC
Kyra Keurentjes, Akron, R. Sophomore, International Business, 4.00
Sophia Leto, Akron, Student, Exercise Science – Pre-Physical Therapy, 3.971
Hannah Long, Akron, Senior, Business Analytics – Supply Chain Management, 3.907
Lindsey Scarton, Akron, Senior, Primary Incl Teach Prep, .3,933
Alyssa Thomas, Akron, Senior, Nutrition (U) / Business (G), 3.267
Material Senior, Ball State, Senior, Economy, 4.00
Karleigh Conner, Ball State, Senior, Psychology 3.95
Ashley Crycraft, Ball State, Sophomore, Criminal Justice and Criminology, 4.00
Elka Machan, Ball State, Sophmore, Pre-Optometry, 3.96
Kylee Mastin, Ball State, Sophomore, Pre-Dietetics 3.96
Vivian van Eyck, Paul Stitt, Jr, Pre-Workout Science 3.75
Olivia Collette, Bowling Green, Junior, Unselected, 3.720
Alyssa Ellerbrook, Bowling Green, Student, Comprehensive Early Childhood Education, 4.000
Sydnie Firment, Bowling Green, Student, Science and Communication Disorders, 3,934
Kristen Grob, Bowling Green, Junior, Accounting/Finance, 3,750
Elise Johnson, Bowling Green, Jr., Communication Sciences and Disorders, 4.000
Sydney Nikamp, ​​Bowling Green, Large, Graphic Design 3.676
Kayleigh Perry, Bowling Green, Jr., Exercise Science 4.000
Riley Robertson, Bowling Green, Jr., Psychology, 4.000
Katrina Schäuble, Bowling Green, Advanced, Architecture, 4.000
Megana Karon, Buffalo, Junior, Science Exercises, 3.325
Alison Klein, Buffalo, undergraduate, mechanical engineering, 3,889
Alexia Hecico, Buffalo, Junior, Business Administration 3.789
Riley Jones, Buffalo, Senior, Environmental Studies, 3.548
Elizabeth Powers, Buffalo, Public Health Student, 3.845
Hannah Sullivan, Buffalo, Jr., Communications 3.804
Lauren Beckman, Central Michigan, Junior, Biology, 3.93
Maddie Boyd, Central Michigan, Student, Social Service 3.91
Alexa Davis, Central Michigan, Jr., Anthropology, 3.93
Lexie Jorgens, Central Michigan, Jr., Math, 4.00
Lauren Lasceski, Central Michigan, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering, 3.65
Ashlyn Nagel, Central Michigan, RS Freshman, Biochemistry 3.89
Natalie Newcomb, Central Michigan, RS Freshman, Interpersonal PR, 3.76
Emily Bauber, Central Michigan, RS Freshman, Unreleased, 3.94
Jelena Prescott, Central Michigan, RS Freshman, Unreleased, 3.85
Anya Turner, Central Michigan, Sophomore, Exercise Science 3.76
Olivia Chandler, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Primary Cognitive Impairment 4.00

my name is davis, Eastern Michigan, Jr., Etisalat 3.77

Sofia Ivanko, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Exercise Science, 3.96

Lexi Siffert, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Neighborhoods, 3.98

Caitlin St. Bernard, Eastern Michigan, Junior, Exercise Science, 3.98

Kalli Barrett, Kent State, Senior, Chemistry, 3.929
Nicole DiCicco, Kent State, Junior, Nutrition, 3.960
Hanna Konzler, Kent State, Junior, Biology, 3.463
Leah Lisle, Kent State, Senior, Nutrition 3.736
Isabella Wolford, Kent State, Suvomore, Management Marketing, 4.000
Nina Zraik, Kent State, Junior, Environmental Science, 3.961
Emily Akin, Miami, Senior, Early Childhood Education, 3.7
McKenna Fry, Miami, Senior, University Studies, 3.6
Carmen Riano, Miami, Student, Biomedical Engineering, 3.68
Julia Rushing, Miami, Sophomore, Public Health, 3.95
Gina Sayle, Miami, Jr., Computer Science, 3.61
Ali Siak, Miami, Senior, Kinesiology, 3.81
Katie Vito, Miami, Adv., Biochemistry and Pre-Medical Studies 3.39
Sarah Atkins, Northern Illinois, Senior, Exercise Physiology, 3.725
Julia Finnegan, Northern Illinois, Suvomore, Software Development, 4.0
Kaitlin Miller, Northern Illinois, Junior, Pre-Physical Therapy, 4.0
Hannah Ritchie, Northern Illinois, Senior, Pre-Physiotherapy, 3.893
Catelyn Robbins, Northern Illinois, Student, Nursing, 3.783
Victoria Robinson, Northern Illinois, Large, General Focus, 3.613
Jessica (Jesse) Hartman, Ohio, graduate student, Social Work 4.0
Alyssa Christian, Ohio, Jr., Psychology and English, 3.950
Sophia Horsten, Ohio, Student, Art Studio, 3.940
Kina Lovelace, Ohio, Student, Exercise Physiology, 3,930
Stephanie Pierce, Ohio, Senior, Exercise Physiology, 3.919
Madelyn Bartolone, Ohio, Senior, Studio Art, 3.915
Billy Roberts, OH, Jr., Exercise Physiology 3.763
Karina Weaver, Ohio, Jr. Exercise Physiology 3.632
Hailey Bowes, Ohio, graduate student, A&S- Nondegree, 3.307
Rebecca Snyder, Toledo, Senior, Exercise Science, 3.991
Hannah Spoonogle, Toledo, Senior, Mechanical Engineering, 3.787
Madeleine Vining, Toledo, Jr., Economics, 3.938
Emily Vining, Toledo, Jr., Marketing, 3914
Jordyn Boyer, Toledo, Jr., pre-nursing, 3.901
Megan Burmester, Toledo, Senior, Bioengineering, 3.863
Julia Dames, Toledo, Student, Nursing, 3.861
Mallory Ferguson, Toledo, Junior, Pre-Nursing Care, 3.8
Maya Hannagan, Toledo, Senior, Exercise Science 3.4
Claire Steigerwald, Toledo, Senior, Marketing, 3.3
Amanda Tremens, Toledo, Student, Practicing Science, 3.5
Courtney Allen, Western Michigan, Senior, Biomedical Sciences, 3.34
Annalize James, Western Michigan, Junior, Exercise Science, 3.63
Rebecca McNamee, Western Michigan, graduate, social work. 3.64
Kaelen Means, Western Michigan, advanced, high school education: earth sciences, 3.75 5.
Charlotte Ramser, Western Michigan, Senior, Nursing, 3.55
Ashley Chips, Western Michigan, Jr., Elementary Education 3.56
Paisley Sipes, Western Michigan, Senior Art, 3.68

2021 Cross Country Academic All-MAC Men’s Team
Cesar Arellano, Bowling Green, Senior, Electronics and Computer Engineering, 3.223
Andrew Blazer, Bowling Green, Sophomore, Finance 3.750
Christian Galliardi, Bowling Green, Junior, Economics, 4.000
Vince Manning, Bowling Green, Junior, Finance, 4.000
Omar Vasquez, Bowling Green, Jr., Exercise Science, 3.653
Mickey Worboy Bowling Green Junior Business Finance 3.360
Ryan Buzby, Buffalo, Senior, Exercise Science 3.614
Thomas Flannery, Buffalo, Graduate Student, Business Administration, 3.386
Patrick Hazlitt, Buffalo, Graduate Student, Business Administration, 3.554
Alex Hislop, Buffalo, Junior, Exercise Science 3.608
Scott Luforte, Buffalo, Senior, Civil Engineering, 3.949
William Marchant, Buffalo, Sophomore, Computer Science, 3.689
Armani Merlino, Buffalo, Junior, Computer Science, 3,947
Christopher Nowak, Buffalo, Graduate Student, Business Administration, 3.815
Sean O’Brien, Buffalo, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering, 3.359
Brett Russell, Buffalo, undergraduate, biomedical sciences, 3.900
Nicholas Taboni, Buffalo, graduate student, physical therapist, 3.701
Hunter Foughner, Central Michigan, RS Freshman, Undisclosed, 3.55
Ben Griffiths, Central Michigan, Jr., Marketing, 3.91
Adam Rzentkowski, Central Michigan, Sophomore, Finance, 3.61
Ronald Brandal, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Social Studies/Political Science, 3.83

Solomon Costa, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Political Science, 3.28

Chris Devani, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Economy, 3.99

Baldwin Magnuson, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Exercise Science, 3.46

Andy PayneEastern Michigan, Jr., Psychology 3.30

Noah Perrin, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Political Science, 3.96

Eddie Zwercher, Eastern Michigan, Senior, Mechanical Engineering, 3.67

Trey Double, Kent State, Junior, Exercise Science, 3.384
Joe Farley, Kent State, Sophomore, Business Management, 3.585
Drew Johnson, Kent State, Senior, Aeronautical Engineering, 3.387
Jacob Mirabell, Kent State, Sophomore, Geology, 3.375
Ethan Yost, Kent State, Sophomore, Integrated Social Studies, 3.728
Jake Bertelsen, Miami, Senior, Mechanical Engineering, 3.81
Anthony Cameriri, Miami, Senior, Finance & Kinesiology, 3.71
Dan Conway, Miami, Jr., Mechanical Engineering, 3.56
Charles Harders, Miami, Senior, Computer Engineering, 3.71
Nick Saul, Miami, Junior, Computer Science 3.75
Alex Tam, Miami, Senior, Biomedical Engineering, 3.9
Cooper Mullen, Ohio, Sophomore, Finance and Business Analytics, 3.952
Josh Park, Ohio, graduate student, Exercise Physiology, 3.564
Michael Tonkowicz, Ohio, Mechanical Engineering, 3.489
King Wendesen, Ohio, Sophomore, Finance and Business Analytics, 3,260
Kaiser Tarr, Ohio, Senior, Accounting, 3,238
Cooper Lucy, Toledo, Jr., Electrical Engineering, 3.684
Jake Reithman, Toledo, Jr., Biology, 3.984
Ben Toller, Toledo, Junior, Special Intervention Studies, 3,638
Tanner Delek, Toledo, Jr., Finance, 3.962
Jacob Harris, Toledo, Jr., Exercise Studies, 3.759
Jonathan Hrivnak, Toledo, Junior, Youth, and Adolescent Studies, 3.657
Kassem Capet Toledo Junior 3.333
Jeff Howells, Toledo, Student, Education, 3.667

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