Compliance and Communication Training Podcasting |  Thomas Fox

Compliance and Communication Training Podcasting | Thomas Fox

If there is one fact of legal practice that translates into practice of compliance, it is that you are only limited by your imagination. This is true in the field of 360-degree communications according to compliance, as communications obviously come in many forms. Morgan Stanley’s 2012 deviation will be well remembered by many compliance practitioners. In this first public refusal, the Department of Justice (DOJ) acknowledged Morgan Stanley for emailing 35 compliance reminders to Garth Peterson over a seven-year period. Think of the power of 360 degrees of communication in the context of compliance reminders. Now imagine the power of short Ethics and Compliance training videos shown over the same time period and their impact on both your employees and regulators.

Why not tell your compliance story through a podcast? I call it podcast storytelling and it can be a powerful tool. Each podcast series consists of 5 parts and makes up one story. Podcasts are about 10-15 minutes long. A podcast narrative series can be a variety of interviews led by a popular podcast host as the Voice of Compliance, as a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) or someone from your organization. It can be an interview with one or more people, or it can be a solo podcast.

Each podcast will be accompanied by approximately 700 words of text. While there will be a fully integrated story line, each podcast and accompanying text is a standalone compliance training and communications that can be used by anyone in your organization. Podcasts can be published internally as well as across your organization’s social media channels. There is a whole host of podcast sites available, such as iTunes, Spotify, IHeartRadio, Google Pods, and/or Amazon.

At the end of the series, the text forms the basis of a more detailed white paper. This process will create between 11 different products for your marketing efforts, including five podcasts, five blog posts, and a consolidated white paper. From each podcast, you can create multiple short podcasts or other forms of social media sharing with key quotes and lessons learned created as cover art.

A series like this allows your organization to not only tell a story more effectively but reach a much larger audience than any other format; Live, audio-visual or in person. However, there is another reason to consider this type of approach to compliance training and communications. It will provide you the equivalent of market research and feedback. The number of listeners and downloads will give you a reliable source of data that you can use for your communications and other courses.

Branded podcast compliance management

Do you want another option? How about a fully productive podcast series for your internal compliance function. Two episodes can be anywhere from 25-30 minutes per month, with guest selection by your compliance team. This format allows your company’s compliance function to tell the story of its greatest asset, its employees, through interviews. Can’t get out of the country to travel? Are you still working remotely? Your Branded Podcasts give you a way to reach your employees as we continue to struggle through the changing times of Covid-19. You can use this branded podcast to tell the story of compliance successes in your organization; You can include other sections to share their successes as well. As with our podcast storytelling series, this will be done in a collaborative manner by working with your communication team.

Compliance news of the day

Want to make some short and quick compliance contacts? what about ‘Compliance news of the dayGet a daily curated newsfeed of 3-4 compliance stories with a short summary of the series and how it relates to your organization’s compliance perspective. Make it fun so your employees want to check in daily. When the Department of Justice knocks on its door and asks how often you send out compliance communications , you can refer to Compliance news of the day As a great starting point.

As a compliance practitioner, you should strive to bring more storytelling into your compliance messaging, training, and communications. If you put the employee in the place of the person watching, they will remember him, because they will see how it applies to their lives. These coaching and networking experiences will last much longer than if you were to skip a written policy or present a PowerPoint. Mark Hefner called this “Expanding Your Classroom.” Ronnie Feldman calls this bringing memorable storytelling to your communications and training your compliance.

Since you are only limited by your imagination in compliance, why not use some of that to get creative with your compliance and communications training.

For more information on delivering compliance messages to your employees, via a fully produced 5-part podcast series, branded podcast and/or daily news format, or if you’d like to share your company’s successes on the Compliance Podcast Network, call or mail me electronically.

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