EarthDaily Analytics provides a strategic update and announces the start of building the EarthDaily constellation

EarthDaily Analytics provides a strategic update and announces the start of building the EarthDaily constellation

Vancouver, British ColumbiaAnd January 11 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EarthDaily Analytics Corp (“EDA” or the “Company”), a vertically integrated data processing and analytics company that combines cutting-edge big data tools with proven space technologies, today provided a strategic update on its progress, including the start of construction on the EarthDaily constellation. from high-spectrum satellites.

After the formation of the EDA in February 2021The Company has taken a series of steps to ensure its long-term success, including but not limited to the following:

  • Detailed plan to develop the company’s integrated EarthDaily service offering complete, including launching EarthDaily Constellation throughout 2023
  • Acquisition of agro-geological analysis business from Geosys . completed
  • Integration of short-wave infrared (“SWIR”) and thermal cameras into the EarthDaily Constellation to further improve service offering and expand addressable markets
  • Complete a comprehensive survey of industrial procurement, the RFP process, and vendor due diligence
  • Obtained commitment from Antarctica Capital, an international private equity investment firm 2 billion dollars From assets under management, to support building 150 million dollars EarthDaily constellation
  • EarthDaily Constellation, currently four months into the construction process, has begun, with payments for long-term components required from market-leading industrial partners, to be announced soon.
  • Ongoing recruitment of additional software engineering personnel to support the ground segment of EarthPipeline Software as a Service (“SaaS”)
  • Invested in a marketing and sales organization to generate both short-term revenue from the current agricultural geo-analytics offering and long-term commitments to the upcoming EarthDaily service offering
  • Earned AWS Certification for EarthPipeline SaaS Display

Don OsborneEarthDaily Analytics CEO said, “With the strong support of Antarctica Capital, we have been able to move quickly in developing and commercializing a fully integrated EarthDaily service, while increasing revenue in the near term and diversifying the customer base for our Geosys agro-geo-analytics business. Fully automated and infinitely scalable SaaS EarthPipeline Data With superior quality data, analytics-ready data, and daily global coverage provided by the EarthDaily Constellation, EDA is positioned to provide innovative big data solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our world today.”

Chandra Patel“EarthDaily represents a fantastic opportunity to apply the tools of big data and artificial intelligence to an ultra-wide, ultra-high-spectrum rich data set that captures the landmass every day,” said Antarctica Capital, managing director. As a firm believer in EarthDaily Analytics’ promise, our ability to provide the company with both direction Strategic and substantial growth capital, the UAE Agency (EDA) has positioned itself as a well-capitalized and largely risk-free innovator, backed by both increased near-term revenue and physical momentum towards unlocking its full potential with the launch of EarthDaily Constellation. To support ESG monitoring and warranty mandates, forest fire forecasting and tracking, and the monitoring of offshore container vessel movement CaliforniaMeasurement of water absorption and harvested acres to support underwriting of crop insurance Brazil, or inform trading strategies for carbon and other global commodity markets, we are pleased to support EDA in providing differentiated and value-added solutions to diverse challenges now and in the future.”

Mr. Osborne concluded: “As a well-capitalized company with proven capabilities in high-volume space technologies and data analytics, a growing book for both short-term revenue and long-term committed business, and a substantially risk-free path to launching EarthDaily Constellation in 2023, We are very optimistic about our business prospects and look forward to providing further updates during this exciting period for EDA.”

About EarthDaily Analytics
EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), a Canadian company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, provides evidence-based and actionable insights to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, from sustainable agriculture and disaster management to climate change monitoring and forest protection, among many others. Its Geosys division, with operations in Minneapolis, USA, and Toulouse, France, has more than thirty years of experience in AgTech analyzing weather and satellite data for agriculture, serving stakeholders across the agricultural value chain with proven solutions to monitor and measure crops throughout the growing season.

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy has developed EarthPipeline, the world’s first terrestrial segment as a service, which uses proprietary algorithms combined with the latest advances in computer vision and machine learning to produce data ready for scientific analytics in the cloud at scale for “big data” infrastructure and geographic analytics. This fully automated processing pipeline with data from a number of satellite sensors is used to power geo-analytics services through its Geosys division and is now commercially offered as well. EDA is also developing the EarthDaily Satellite Constellation to image the Earth’s land mass and large marine areas every day, with data processed by EarthPipeline to produce high-quality scientific images that will advance groundbreaking innovations in a wide range of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Applications. For more information, visit

About Antarctica Capital

Antarctica Capital is an international private equity firm with its headquarters New York With assets under management in excess of 2 billion dollars From December 31, 2020. Antarctica Capital is a registered investment advisor dedicated to investing in private markets and real assets and creating long-term capital vehicles to take advantage of this investment focus. Antarctica Capital’s investing approach is active ownership with an inherent focus on sustainability and providing more than capital for corporate development. The company focuses on absolute return, which leads the company to rigorously assess and build conviction about its own investment opportunities and build value through the implementation of its investment strategies, such as SIGA®, SARO® and siri.

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