From horror to humor: Social media reacts to the latest No 10 lockdown party news |  Corona Virus

From horror to humor: Social media reacts to the latest No 10 lockdown party news | Corona Virus

THe claimed that parties in Downing Street during the lockdown have sparked a mixture of horror, anger and satirical humor since the first reports emerged late last year. Every few days, new evidence emerges, each more incriminating than the previous and providing more outrage, dismay and humor on social media.

The latest development, related to the leak of an email inviting more than 100 Downing Street employees to a “bring your own booze” party during lockdown in May 2020, generated tens of thousands of comments.

In the trending hashtag #DowningStreetParties, a doctor who went viral on Twitter recalled how she had to wear uncomfortable, sweaty PPE while watching people die in May 2020 and had developed PTSD.

Author Michael Rosen combined pathos with humor, sarcastically mocking “Damn, I missed that” for the party — he was in a coma at the time due to the coronavirus.

Several commentators considered not being able to see relatives in May 2020, including those who later died of Covid. Some remember saying goodbye to dying relatives on Zoom.

One commenter shared a photo of her spending time with her father followed by a photo of a coffin, and said she had not been able to see her father in the 37 days between photos “because I followed the rules set by our prime minister”.

Some shared pictures of empty public spaces, such as parks where police dispersed gatherings of more than two people from different homes, or empty play parks where children were banned. many commenters Referred to Jessica Allen and Elisa Moore, who were fined by police for having two warm drinks at a social outing in Derbyshire during the third lockdown last January on the grounds that it was an “illegal outing”.

Some have noted how difficult early closures were for those living in small spaces without a balcony or garden, since rules in the first closure prevented people from sitting outside in public places.

Other commentators have chosen to seek relief from unhappy closing memories in gallows humor, likening the festival scenes to a Downing Street party.

One commentator speculated that the Prime Minister’s weak applause for the NHS may have been due to a hangover from the party, which he did not deny attending.

There was a lot of skepticism on social media about whether anyone would be held accountable. One commentator referred to allegations that the Metropolitan Police had been accused of “acquiescing to the powerful” by failing to investigate the parties, with an apt reference to Chief Inspector Wigum, the faltering and incompetent police chief of the Simpsons.

Some advised the public to direct their anger at the Conservatives to their voting intentions. Someone brilliantly suggested that perhaps the real party to focus on and freak out might be the party currently ranked tenth.

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