Immersion Analytics Announces Metaverse Platform for Enterprise ISVs

Immersion Analytics Announces Metaverse Platform for Enterprise ISVs

Immersion Analytics commends partners Microsoft, Magic Leap, and Meta for embracing the value that metaverse technologies offer. Patented Immersion Analytics software leverages metaverse technologies to deliver a knowledge upgrade to the hundreds of millions of knowledge workers who interact with data, collaborate and advance their work.

Immersion Analytics Runtime v2022.1 platform release simplifies the integration of metaverse technologies into enterprise ISV software offerings and workflows. Unlike other tools, our Runtime works without learning unfamiliar video game development engines or device-specific GPU or SDK programming. Enterprise application developers, already installed with Tableau and Qlik Business Intelligence (BI) software, have demonstrated our capabilities with already familiar programming languages ​​and frameworks to integrate the best of flat screen capabilities and the capabilities of the metaverse.

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Research shows that immersive data visualizations enable you to understand 3x as many data points as possible with flat screen interfaces. The patented Dimension Engine™ creates immersive data visualizations without the typical plot limitations of XY axes, size, shape, and color. As a result, knowledge workers can understand greater breadth and depth of data. No matter how outliers or anomalies appear, our patented dimensional effects catch your eye when you need it most. Understanding these additional dimensions, points, and their interrelationships improves decision-making for knowledge workers trying to understand the complexities of modern data.

It is a game-changing upgrade of human cognition in the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These capabilities, combined with the Immersion Analytics Runtime, differentiate between enterprise independent software vendor (ISV) offerings where knowledge workers interact with data. Sectors include business intelligence, financial markets, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, cybersecurity, data science, education, healthcare, logistics, defense and intelligence.

We enable these independent software vendors (ISVs) to gain strong differentiation in their market. As a result, knowledgeable clients see and fully understand the data, enabling higher quality decisions to be made in real time.

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