Adva Mobile adds a new auto reply message option for creative artists

Adva Mobile adds a new auto reply message option for creative artists

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Text marketing now offers custom autoresponder messages when fans send specific keywords to text numbers for creative artists

Adva Mobile Corporation, the leading mobile marketing platform for creative artists to acquire, engage and sell fans on mobile devices, has expanded their marketing platform with new custom autoresponder options when fans submit a specific artist-defined keyword to their own unique keywords. text number. The text number is provided to creative artists on the platform and is the center of their mobile marketing efforts to acquire, engage and sell new fans on mobile devices.

The Adva Mobile platform provides artists with their own personal text number, and simplifies the process of building a fan database by automatically subscribing fans to a mobile texting club when fans text the artist. Artists can text back to fans for one-on-one conversations, as well as send targeted text messages to fans based on location and other fan segments defined by the artist. New is the ability to craft specific text messages to fans when they send a specific keyword to the artist.

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Artist portal helps artists to create a welcome message when people send a direct message to the artist, and an automatic reply, based on the keywords you choose. A simple setup process allows artists to enter relevant keywords into a message that triggers the automatic response – so if artists ask fans to text Houston, for example, the artist can provide information about their upcoming show in Houston, with a link to where to get on tickets.

Artists who want to communicate and engage their fans with texts — which are opened and read 97% of the time, much more than email or social media — now have a full service to take advantage of these mobile technologies. Artists can form their fan base by texting fans to their own text numbers, talking one-on-one with their fans, and sending text messages and emails to target fans about relevant information including show dates, new music, art and news. Now, they can promote a show in Houston by texting fans “Houston” — or whatever they create — and providing a personalized, personalized message about that show.

It’s about the data

These custom keywords are also “tags” associated with each fan profile. This helps the artists segment fans who texted in Houston, and can be used to target those fans the next time the artist performs in Houston. This increases ticket sales, as fans often miss the news that their favorite band is coming to town. “It’s never fun to miss a concert, and artists need to keep fans informed whenever they’re in their area, so they never miss another performance again,” said Jack Kelly, CEO of Adva Mobile.

The platform is designed to help identify premium fans who support and pay. Artists have a hard time dealing with their existing fan database – usually email only – because there is no way to know which fans are actually buying their art or coming to their shows. Text conversations encourage fans to share information about themselves, and this data is valuable because it provides artists with insights into who supports their art. “The data is for the artist, and the data is private between artist and fan,” Kelly said. “Through their personal phone number and our text chat platform, we provide artists with direct interaction with their fans, only possible when the artist is the guardian of their audience.”

These new capabilities enhance the already robust existing platform that provides artists with interactive web application landing pages, email marketing, CRM Fan database and campaign creation and management tools. Fan interaction is recorded on landing pages and linked to individual fan profiles, which help artists understand interaction and identify fans who are unique and ready to buy. “Pour your email list and try to identify your fans who support you, who pay, on the Adva Mobile platform, it’s as easy as segmenting by sharing points,” Kelly said.

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