Cameo prepares for a bigger role in social branding strategy for 2022

Cameo prepares for a bigger role in social branding strategy for 2022

It is gaining momentum with the Cameo more marketers to develop campaigns using the basic system, which is the most famous in order to allow people to buy custom video recordings of celebrities. It allows recent expansion of services activities of commercial advertisers a way to attract the consumer’s attention by associating their brands prominent figures.

Matt Maher said, founder of the consulting firm M7 Innovations that focus on technology: “We have seen some really good use cases to what it can achieve Camillo.” “It’s economy is attracting attention – so you’re trying to attract people’s attention, and try to be authentic and want to interact with your brand fans.”

He added that this year Cameo is poised to have an increased role in the broader arena of social media while distinguishing itself from other platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

“TikTok is getting our attention, but the brand will be competing with billions of videos,” Maher said. “Snapchat definitely has credibility with your close friends, but it’s still ephemeral. You can get an interaction on Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else, but the question is: How good is that interaction?”

May ask more marketers themselves this question while they continue to rush to the advertisements and means of social communication. With an average annual growth rate of 15% for the next few years, it will grow spending on advertising and means of communication and social faster than any other channel, as Zenith predicted last month. This spending will reach 177 billion dollars this year to exceed $ 174 billion in television worldwide. By the year 2024, will be the means of social communication 27% of the global advertising market, followed by paid search by 23% and television 21%, according to estimates of the agency.

Social media in this crowded environment, Maher sees an opportunity for marketers of excellence by organizing campaigns on the Cameo.

Maher said: “If the brand in line with a celebrity on Cameo, you have an audience quite a prisoner and interested.” “The real selling point for the company is the exchange value of Cameo in exchange for participation.”

bud lite UK Christmas shouts campaign He said it exemplifies how a major brand is using the Cameo platform to differentiate itself. The beer brand asked people to enter for a chance to win a personalized birthday message for a friend from one of the six celebrities. Cameo delivered hundreds of personalized messages to UK residents and generated positive sentiments for the Bud Light that was rated twice better than its standard, according to data compiled by Cameo. Participation in the effort was seven times higher than the campaign averages.

“This level of value sharing is incredible because even if you were sending videos to hundreds of people, it could spread like wildfire as people share those videos with the world,” Maher said. “It was a really interesting place that Cameo has been able to capture and continues to grow.”

personal message

In the past year, a variety of other brands have created campaigns that bring celebrities on Cameo with consumers. Platform for advertisers provide a constant way to recruit a mix of star athletes, actors and television personalities in their marketing efforts.

Luxury car brand Infiniti from Nissan last summer gave potential car buyers a chance to ask questions about their 2022 crossover crossover. Olympic gymnast Gabe Douglas and athlete Erin Andrews were among a handful of celebrities who scored the answers delivered through Cameo.

Recently, Coca-Cola has launched a campaign under the holiday allows consumers to request a custom of Santa Claus video message address. The messages are sharing on social media and chat applications, which helped to expand the scope of its vision to consumers who may not be familiar with Cameo.

Maher said M7 This kind of organic growth creates a “halo effect” of the emerging content from Camillo. Regardless of the extent of viral proliferation, can brands achieve greater range by including video clips in the design of another.

“Brands take those posts and then turn them into paid media content,” Maher said. “There is also an added value in PR that comes from rewarding people with personalized videos.”

“If your brand aligns with a celebrity on Cameo, you have a totally captivated and interested audience. Cameo’s real selling point is the exchange of value to share.”

Matt Maher

Founder of M7 Innovations

The value of contextual advertising

The impending disappearance of tracking cookies in Google’s popular Chrome browser and the loss of identifiers in Apple devices has prompted more marketers to look for other types of privacy-protecting consumer data signals. Maher said the engraving can be a place to engage audiences in a welcoming context.

“When we look at platforms like Spotify that have this rich data based on mood or The New York Times that has a rich first-party data set and can serve contextual ads, I think Cameo is one of the platforms that is attractive to a captive audience,” Maher said. It won’t have immediate access to Facebook, Google or Amazon, but it could mean a lot to a smaller audience.”

He said he expects to see more brands participating in Cameo campaigns this year, including customers looking for alternatives to the “triple” of Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Maher said: “We are looking for participation where people are already paying attention, and Camillo is one of the places where this is happening.”

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