IIT Dropout Series: This IIT-Delhi leaker has found his true mission in creating content;  Owns 2 startups

IIT Dropout Series: This IIT-Delhi leaker has found his true mission in creating content; Owns 2 startups

Like any other kid in the ’90s, Ankit Kumar was guided by peer pressure to choose a non-medical after class 10, crack JEE, join IIT and bag a huge package through campus mode. The road was well laid out and Kumar robotically followed his peers on the journey until he reached IIT-Delhi. The institute introduced him to his true interests and he decided to leave IIT and pursue his true calling.

A national level skater up to grade 10, Kumar gave up his sports interests once he started preparing for JEE.

“I have actively participated in sports and co-curricular activities during my student years. However, after class 10, all my friends chose non-medical and started their training at JEE. I was impressed by their choice, I also chose Kumar. Going to JEE and therefore I had to give up my hobbies and interests.”

However, once he passed IIT-Delhi, he was exposed to what he had always craved.

“Up until class 12, my academic choices were most prominently directed by parents and peers. But once I joined IIT, I realized all the opportunities I could offer. While I joined the institute to pursue BTech, I eventually dropped out as I actively participated in sports and dance competitions.”

Kumar was a member of the IIT-Delhi football team as well as the manager of the dance team. Participate in all the events on campus and spend little time in the classroom.

As he was approaching his final year of college, Kumar realized that he was no longer interested in pursuing engineering or even participating in the recruitment drive. That’s when he started connecting with seniors and got interested in the idea of ​​startups.

“The content industry was booming in 2018-2019 and social media marketing was gaining in popularity. When I learned more about this from my senior colleagues, I was fascinated by the idea. Hence I decided to pursue this interest as a career and leave IIT.”

Kumar finally withdrew from IIT-Delhi in his final year of dual BTech-MTech program and joined his senior content marketing firm as co-founder. In July of last year, Ankit launched its second startup Zaamo, a collaborative community of emerging local brands and content creators.

While managing two start-ups doesn’t leave him much time to pursue his interest in dancing, Kumar said he never misses catching up with his college mates every weekend.

“I am happy and satisfied with the decision I have made. I believe that anyone can perform a hundred times better in a profession that interests them. It is imperative that one locates him at the right stage. For students who are currently struggling with their degrees or career choices, I will suggest that they choose a college that offers them the right offer. Instead of running after the college brand’s mark.”


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