Internet Marketer Janet Peischel: Google Ads: Paid Search and Target Keywords |  Business

Internet Marketer Janet Peischel: Google Ads: Paid Search and Target Keywords | Business

Janet Peschel

I read an article on keywords that explains the role of intent in paid search campaigns.

Intent has become an important marketing differentiator for online advertising

Intent is when marketing fulfills the wants or needs of our prospects at that moment. It should align with your business services or goals. It changes and evolves. If you are launching a new product or service, it will require a whole new set of keywords.

Keep in mind: keywords and their purpose is not just about paid search; It is relevant to every article, blog or social media post you write.

Keyword intent is an important aspect of paid search

Without understanding the purpose of visitor searches, even the most funded pay-per-click campaign will likely fail. Without thinking about intent, we’ll be running out of our daily budgets on clicks from those who don’t really represent our expectations. We will continue to charge for these clicks.

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By utilizing keyword intent, we can increase traffic to our sites and attract more qualified leads, generate sales and leads.

Strong intent keywords or keyword phrases are those that ask us to make a transaction – buy something, inquire about a service, learn or read more. They can have a strong possibility of a subsequent sale.

If we are good consumers, we love to research our purchases. We can click on a link and review a product – if keyword intent aligns, we may come back later and make a purchase.

An example of how a single word can change the purpose of keyword phrases

Let’s use the example of wedding cakes. The keywords have different goals for “wedding cake near me” and “wedding cake ideas”. “Wedding cake near me” has a high commercial intent – the goal is to find a shop and buy a cake.

The audience for these keywords and related keywords is close to the bottom of the sales funnel, the point of purchase. Not only are they looky-loos anymore, they are ready to step up and buy. Geo keywords will likely be included. At this point in the journey, we want to provide shopping ads and landing pages that make buying easier.

On the other hand, “Wedding Cake Ideas” is a much higher topic

“Wedding Cake Ideas” is for those who are just starting to look for cake options. The audience for this keyword phrase is higher in the sales funnel. There is scope for a much larger range of search terms around wedding cake ideas. A Pinterest board would be perfect here. Brainstorm wedding cakes – summer, anniversary, filled, chocolate, marble, velvet, lemon filled, etc.

As you search for keywords in these groups of words, remember that you are looking for good search volume and moderate competition.

The keyword results will show the cost of each term. It is up to you to decide how much you are willing to pay. Check keywords frequently as they change – CPC can easily go up or down. Remember that you can set your daily spending.

Struggling with keywords and your Google Ads strategy? Let’s talk!

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