Local Search Engine Optimization in Tampa Bay Florida

Local Search Engine Optimization in Tampa Bay Florida

As a local business, it’s tempting to think that they don’t need SEO yet since the work is locally focused, but don’t ignore SEO just yet. Just like saving money for trade schools, no one can start early.

Local SEO highlights local businesses with specific keywords so that the local and broader audience will see them on the major search engines. Even if you generally end up with SEO on page 4, your local SEO can put it on page 1 automatically.

To learn more about the critical importance of local SEO for business, read the information below.

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The purpose of search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what it sounds like. The purpose is to get your website and business to rank high in search engine results, especially Google results, in order to get more “window shoppers”, to become actual customers.

How is local SEO different

While typical SEO allows businesses to rank higher overall, local SEO allows the company and website to rank higher in local searches based on keywords that indicate local intent, such as geographic location, phone numbers, and hours of operation. Many people may have used local SEO as users searching for a coffee shop near thein a?

For a small business, for example mechanically, it is not so important that you generally rank highly on Google because the audience that Google or other search engines display for the site is much broader, to the point where it doesn’t help the business much. Not only that, but every other mechanic in the world is vying for the number one spot in Google.

Local SEO is less competitive. When a site includes keywords like location and opening times, or phrases like “local mechanical services” and “best winter shoes in the Tahoe area,” Google is now more likely to suggest the location to people in a target geographic area, even if they are just passing through.

What Does A independent Freelance SEO Expert Do?

Why is Local SEO Important for Small Businesses

According to Fat Joe SEO, 46% of all searches on Google are interested in local information such as events and businesses. To put that into perspective, Google receives 3.5 billion searches per day, 46% of which will be 1.6 billion searches! That’s a lot of potential for business!

Local SEO works because with keywords, you are convincing Google that their business has exactly what people nearby are looking for, leading their computers to put it on the first page of results.

Local SEO is ideal for small businesses because they do not yet need a wide audience that spans across the nation. The people I hope to attract are the locals and those who live in the vicinity.



Local SEO helps companies gain a leg up in the local competition by giving them more local exposure to everyone in the region. However, never scrutinize for general SEO because future customers are already all over the place and it is important to make sure you see the business. It won’t be long before you get great conversion rates and faster business growth!

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