Net4 offers video analytics powered by AWS Wavelength

Net4 offers video analytics powered by AWS Wavelength


Net4, a UK-based technology services provider, has launched its video analytics platform, known as Net4.Vision, which is powered by AWS Wavelength.

About Net4.Vision

Net4.Vision is a flexible and scalable video analytics platform with advanced security features.

The Net4.Vision solution is built on SeeWare, SeeChange’s physical identification platform. It enables the deployment of a variety of analytical models across a wide range of industries and use cases. Net4.Vision can be used with both new and existing camcorders, extending the life and increasing the value provided by the cameras in the organization.

Alex TaylorThe CEO of Net4 said, “We are excited that Net4.Vision is now available to our customers. It is powered by AWS Wavelength and uses a 5G network, enabling our customers to reduce the cost of ownership of video analytics solutions while enabling on-demand bandwidth capability.”

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Customer Solutions

Net4 and SeeChange have joined forces to offer smart building, health and safety solutions as initial proposals to customers.

Smart Buildings: In the past few years, the way we use our buildings and workplaces has changed. It is important for businesses and building owners to understand the changing use of workspaces. Net4’s smart building solution provides detailed insights into workplace usage, drive optimization, and more efficient use of buildings.

Health and Safety: Besides, Net4 has made available a health and safety solution that focuses on increasing safety in the workplace. Accidents in the workplace not only cost money and affect operations, but also affect employees, visitors and customers alike. The Net4 solution automatically monitors key areas of risk such as spills and obstructions, provides alerts and improves safety management.

The Net4.Vision platform is immediately available on AWS Wavelength, enabling video analytics as a service on any 5G network where AWS wavelength regions are enabled. AWS Wavelength regions are already available in the UK, GermanyAnd United States of AmericaAnd South Korea, And Japan. Net4 invites channel partners and interested customers to reach out and see how Net4.Vision can help improve their operations.

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