New Products, Services to be Presented at DTC Wine Symposium ’22 Virtual Tradeshow

New Products, Services to be Presented at DTC Wine Symposium ’22 Virtual Tradeshow


Napa, CA, January 12, 2022 – The 15th Annual DTC Wine Symposium will feature a virtual trade show of live demos, videos, and information on products and services that address common challenges. DTC Wine Seminar, Presented and Fundraiser for Free the Grapes! , is the national wine industry summit on direct-to-consumer sales and marketing. The symposium will take place approximately January 19-20, 2022, and provide a one-stop place for winery executives to define their 2022 supplier list.

Sample of exhibitor products and services:

All-New WineDirect: Welcome to Big Time – The all-new WineDirect website combines the best business solutions for a winery of any size with a reimagined all-in-one platform. This new platform combines state-of-the-art technology and the best partners with WineDirect’s years of beverage experience to provide wineries with the tools needed for the multi-channel experiences that today’s wine buyers expect. With The All-New WineDirect, the winemaking business is finally coming to maturity.

FedEx offers advanced information logistics with PeriShip and frictionless e-commerce experiences with ShopRunner – While last mile intervention is its core area of ​​expertise, PeriShip has developed systems and processes to best manage end-to-end freight journeys and communicate proactively with shippers and recipients. It operates 24/7/365 and provides self-service options and multi-channel communications to enhance the customer experience. PeriShip provides a hybrid approach that includes FedEx data and real-time visibility into the shipment’s journey. In addition to PeriShip capabilities, FedEx customers can benefit from ShopRunner’s frictionless e-commerce experience with a comprehensive product suite that focuses on the entire customer journey, keeping acquisition costs low and retention high. On the consumer side, ShopRunner connects millions of its valued members with convenient free 2-day shipping and free returns as well as exclusive, members-only offers and benefits from their favorite stores.

Meet WineHive – your new table top or wall-mounted wine display! Similar to the honeycomb structure, WineHive is designed with customization in mind. Depending on your personal or professional needs, we have WineHive here to take the stress out of design and allow you to get the most out of your screen. Our modular honeycombs allow for simple indoor displays for large, wall-mounted restaurant displays. In recognition of design inspiration, 1% of every WineHive order is donated to the Washington State University pollinator program.

Sovos ShipCompliant has released the 2022 DTC Wine Shipping Report – Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report, an annual collaboration between Sovos ShipCompliant and Wines Vines Analytics, which is the most accurate representation of DtC’s US wine shipping channel and provides the latest information on growth trends and changes in bottle price Shipped, regional demand, item trends, and more. The new report will cover all of 2021 and reveal to what extent and how ongoing pandemic concerns have affected consumer behavior in the DtC wine channel.

FlyWithWine offers even more customizable options – express yourself in a new range of colors for our customer favorite Piccolo 5 Bottle! Piccolo is available in all three colors that were previously just options for larger pieces. We’re also happy to share that we’ve released a new and improved DIY accessory! Whether you’re traveling with wine, beer, spirits, or any other holiday essentials, our new personalized entries handle all your travel needs and perfectly match the latest colorways.

Create better shopping experiences with Commerce7 – Commerce7 makes it easy to provide your customers with the best shopping experience possible, regardless of the channel. Commerce7’s e-commerce, point of sale, clubs, subscriptions, payments, CRM, and reservation tools empower wineries with the tools they need to create great shopping experiences. At Commerce7, we believe that customer experience is the number one reason why a customer chooses a brand. Commerce7 tools are designed to help you treat your customers as individuals and personalize your club, e-commerce, and tasting room experience. Commerce7 tools are specifically designed for the wine industry and built to make it easy to shop online and in your tasting room.

Enolytics, Accelerate Your DTC Growth – In today’s climate, growing your DTC business means transitioning seamlessly between the personal world and the digital world. Navigating critical data analytics to help you grow both channels shouldn’t be “another challenge,” but rather a tool for accelerating your sales and marketing programs. Enolytics pulls customer data directly from POS platforms like WineDirect & Commerce7 and turns your information into an intuitive and easy-to-use analytics platform. Ultimately, we provide you with deeper knowledge about your customers, important metrics around the wine club and tasting room, and easy retail access for high-yield marketing campaigns.

Liviri keeps fine wines in transit all year round – Protect fine wines in transit with our reusable Vino containers that combine strong insulation, sustainable circular logistics and user-friendly functionality for a superior direct-to-consumer shipping experience. Liviri Vino wine shipping containers are designed for safe and cost-effective ground shipping that eliminates weather conditions and allows for year-round wine delivery. Because the entire container is reusable, it’s also a solution that removes expanded polystyrene, corrugated packages and ice for a more sustainable future. Livery Vin4 and Vin6 Available now on

WISE launches new leadership classes – WISE Academy is proud to listen to the needs of the industry and provide classes and services to help our winemaking partners succeed. Our latest series of classes (last year on virtual experiences) will focus on leadership – managing oneself, managing others, managing teams, and more – helping managers become true leaders. Classes will be modular so that attendees can take sessions to focus specifically on their needs and interests, while a range of modules will enable attendees to earn certifications.

Pratt Industries Sustainable Direct-to-Consumer Packaging – E-commerce shipments continue to rise as we enter 2022. As your orders reach their doorstep, consumers are looking for curbside recyclable packaging. Pratt Industries has partnered with Flexi-Hex to provide an exclusively sustainable alternative to bottle protection in US parcel shipments. By pairing Flexi-Hex with the appropriate corrugation, the system provides a proven high level of protection. The expandable inserts hold and cushion individual bottles. Flexi-Hex saves inventory space, packing time, and delivers a consistent openness experience to the consumer. Available in single and multiple package shipping options.

RedChirp’s new complete texting platform for wineries – no one answers their phones anymore. We all receive a lot of email. But everyone reads and responds to their text messages. RedChirp has worked with some of the most respected wineries to create a complete texting solution for DTC sales and operations. RedChirp includes web chatting, payment requests, group texting, and automation. Use it for one-on-one conversations, automated shipment notifications, text marketing and group communication to members about rejected cards, upcoming club shipments, late pickups and more.

Deliver DTC Analytics for Email Campaigns by WinePulse and Digimatic – This exciting new partnership provides wineries with analytics reports that combine email campaign data provided by Digimatic with sales metrics calculated by WinePulse. Wineries can see in a central location the number of emails sent, the open rate, and click rate of their campaigns, as well as the order conversion rate, average order value, and total sales generated by each campaign. Wineries can use this data to improve email marketing ROI, increase sales and conversion rates for email campaigns, measure the impact of email automation, improve content, and automatically segment data over time.

Activ8 Commerce Launches Browser-Based Back-Office Interface – In 2021, driven by user demand, Activ8 Commerce went one step further and launched a browser-based back-office interface to bring familiarity and ease of use to the system. Activ8 Commerce is now easy to learn and used by hundreds of wineries nationwide. It offers a more complete solution, requires fewer third-party apps to market, sell, ship, and manage the simple software of the most powerful DTC wine vending software.

Additional exhibitors at the DTC conference include Wine Symposium UPS, Wine Institute, Napa Vintners, Captina LLC, Cooper Peak Logistics, and more. For more information, visit

About the DTC Wine Symposium

The DTC Wine seminar is presented by and fundraising for Free the Grapes! The event raised more than $1 million for the Free the Grapes PR campaign, and the legal work of the Coalition for Free Trade (CFT “retired” in 2014 after meeting its goals). These two groups have worked closely with industry lobbies and regional associations to simplify burdensome shipping regulations and increase the number of legal states from 17 to 47 (as of this writing) which represent nearly 98% of the US population. The conference is the primary fundraiser for Free the Grapes! Which implements state-specific advocacy campaigns that encourage consumers to write their legislators and work with media and advocacy groups to keep the issue alive in the media.


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