What to look for in affiliate programs

What to look for in affiliate programs

What to look for in affiliate programs

As an online business owner, you stand to gain a lot from affiliate programs if you run an affiliate program. Of course, different tools provide different types of functionality that benefit e-commerce and SaaS companies differently, depending on their unique needs. Check out some of the key features and benefits to look for when shopping for an affiliate software tool.

Features and Benefits of Affiliate Programs

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The best affiliate program will have at least some of the following features and benefits. The key thing is to assess how important each of them are to you and your business.

For example, the program should be typical:

  • Be cost-effective with few resources needed to communicate what you do and offer.
  • Demystifying online marketing transactions (such as spam and invalid domains).
  • Improve the points of collaboration between you and your affiliate partners, such as promotional materials that can be uploaded to and accessed through the tool.
  • Maintaining a strong customer base and benchmark, allowing users to leave feedback and comments that you can take immediate action on without having to publish surveys.

Tracking gives all partners and stakeholders the tools to create and assign affiliate links, track them back after a sale, and seamlessly generate the commissions that partners earn. When this happens, you will maintain the trust of your affiliate partners so that they will continue to proactively promote your business and offers.

The ability to assign different types of commissions to affiliate partners is great because it is flexible and offers options for billing methods such as revenue limit, purchase type, number of clicks, or amount of sales based on recurring, lifetime, or performance commission.

The user-friendly interface will help your partners and other stakeholders experience a smooth, intuitive and easy-to-navigate tool without headache. Several tools allow you to customize the interface, such as the ability to move between different affiliate programs without logging in and out or quickly sending out bulk payments.

The best affiliate program will provide sound security and privacy and prevent fraud. Software that uses its own servers instead of those from third parties is preferable because it means that you get a more stable system with secure data.

Integrations are important when it comes to affiliate programs because it is always more efficient and familiar to stick with the programs and tools you already use and love. Find the specific software you use, such as shopping cart solutions, payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, customer support software, CRM, or email marketing.

Some of the best options should come with easy setup, integration, and customization for your business and should be easy to use on a daily basis. No additional software, tools or plug-ins should be required, and the tool should ideally work as a web application through browsers.

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