AiTrillion is recognized as a Momentum Leader in the G2 Winter 2022 Program

AiTrillion is recognized as a Momentum Leader in the G2 Winter 2022 Program

AiTrillion Logo - 11+ SaaS & AI Features and Enabled Ecommerce Sales and Marketing Platform

AiTrillion Logo – 11+ SaaS & AI Features and Enabled Ecommerce Sales and Marketing Platform

Sachin Dhanotiya, Co-Founder, AiTrillion, black and white photo

Sachin Dhanotiya, Co-Founder, AiTrillion


Top Rated Aitrillion

G2, a B2B software reviewer, has recognized as a momentum leader in the most popular personal software category (link:

Thank you to our customers who have trusted AiTrillion as a “comprehensive marketing automation software” for e-commerce for Shopify owners globally. Our customer reviews helped visitors to purchase the product.”

– Sachin Danutia

NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA, PHILADELPHIA, BANGALORE, DELAWARE & KARNATAKA, USA & India, January 13, 2022 / – G2, the leading B2B software and service review platform for users, buyers, investors and industry analysts, has recognized AiTrillion as one of the momentum leaders in The most popular personal software category (link: AiTrillion, the leading e-commerce marketing automation platform, is the first SaaS-based end-to-end marketing and sales automation platform for e-commerce sellers in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and other countries globally.

G2 Research, acquired by the Gartner Group, is a technology research and consulting firm headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. The company’s products and services include research, executive programs, consulting and conferences. G2’s quarterly awards are given to the best software companies around the world. AiTrillion was ranked 15th out of the top 20 sellers and was recognized as a “Winter High Performer 2022” in the G2 Grid Scoring for Personalization Software Report (Link: | ) .

As stated by Mr. Sachin Dhanotiya, Co-Founder, AiTrillion, “We are humbled to receive this recognition. Thank you to all of our customers who trusted AiTrillion and loved the tool as an “all-in-one marketing automation software” for e-commerce Shopify store owners globally. Our customers’ unbiased, genuine, and up-to-date reviews of our products have helped other customers and visitors make an informed purchase about AiTrillion that contributes to the growth of their business. ”

Here are some of the highlights of AiTrillion’s strengths:

1. 𝟵𝟱% of our customers said it was easy to deal with.

2. 𝟵𝟱.𝟱% of our customers rated us 5 stars.

3. 𝟵𝟰-𝟵𝟲% of customers rated us highly on our various features: email marketing, personalization, segmentation, email list management, newsletters, automated email responses, bulk sending, scheduling and automated workflows, analytics, reporting Outbound email campaigns, email delivery capability, pre-designed email templates, web push, loyalty rewards programs, AI-based product reviews and recommendations, affiliate programs, smart popups, ad bars and more.

4. 𝟵𝟰% of our customers praised us for the quality of support we provide.

5. 𝟵𝟬-𝟵𝟮% of customers are satisfied with ease of setup, use and management.

6. AiTrillion is the 𝗸 𝗸 .

AiTrillion draws its AI strength from over 200 million+ verified online consumer data, over 180,000 vendor networks and $14 billion+ worth of $14 billion worth of transactions analyzed and calculated. AiTrillion’s 11+ customer engagement features are combined with analytics designed for the e-commerce industry. The company specializes in connecting the dots between millions of customers in more than 175 countries.

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