Awarding best-in-class impact partnerships with a new American Gala

Awarding best-in-class impact partnerships with a new American Gala

The new award ceremony, serving North America, co-hosted by Talking Influence and PerformanceIN, aims to recognize best-in-class results-based marketing in affiliate, performance, brand and influencer partnerships.

The inaugural US Partnership Awards will be the first of its kind, recognizing the importance of modern results-based partnerships that drive customer value, loyalty and growth, including a celebration of the tremendous value that impactful partnerships have in modern marketing.

Partnership Awards founder Matthew Wood says: “As brands increasingly take a holistic approach to partnerships to achieve business goals, the opportunity for the creator economy is unparalleled. With campaigns that build multiple channels to influence consumer behavior and funnel sales. It’s an exciting time. Incredible for the partnership economy and specifically influencer marketing where increasing budgets and results-based influencer campaigns drive growth.

“Recognizing the exceptional work of influencer marketing agencies, brands and creators driving creativity and results will firmly put the industry in the spotlight for the right reasons.”

Talking Influence Staff Writer Neve Fear-Smith adds: “I think it’s really positive that influencer partnerships along with affiliates, performance, and brands are recognized as a respected part of the marketing mix. There can’t be work that influencers can do collaboratively. With brands that serves not only as a means of entertainment, but as a tool that can achieve highly profitable results.

“It is great that the influencer space is gaining more positive recognition at the US Partnership Awards.”

Influencer marketing is no longer just a side dish in the broader marketing menu. As the influencer space becomes more established, the ability to track the performance and ROI of influencer marketing campaigns has become more established as well, and the results speak for themselves.

Given how successful influencer marketing is in elevating your brand, it’s time to consider partnering with influencers at the beginning of your conversion funnel to achieve the best results. Research from Ogilvy supports this as they found that for each channel to which the effect is added, the possibility of increasing the ROI is presented by up to 30%.

We are excited that influencer marketing is being recognized as a valuable platform under the partnership umbrella, and the partnership awards will cement influencer marketing’s position within the marketing ecosystem.

Awards will open during the second quarter, with the ceremony taking place in the United States during the fourth quarter. To stay updated, sign up for our event newsletter, as well as our weekly Talking Influence newsletter to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest developments regarding influencer marketing in the partnership space.

Partnership opportunities open – contact Drew Cameron for details and follow the awards on LinkedIn to be the first to know when the categories are announced.

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