Benefits of verifying your email address Tip 2022

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Check out the benefits of verifying your email address

Email is still one of the preferred and effective communication channels, and most people check their email daily. Alarmingly, only 10% of email addresses collected are accurate; This bad data is primarily due to human error. Real customers start with real email, and using email verification remains the most effective way to ensure the quality of data collection. Email marketing is most effective when it verifies email addresses, improves fraud prevention, and increases your ability to protect the sender’s reputation.

Improved deliverability of incoming mail

Your campaign is worthless if your emails don’t reach your inbox. The deliverability of incoming mail is directly related to the sender’s grade, which is a system for determining whether you are a reliable sender or a spammer. The bottom line is that better data quality translates to better performance.

Increase participation rates

Once you start checking your email details, you can delete accounts that don’t interest you. Although your list size will be smaller, your engagement rate will increase. Sending to a list of customers who are actively using your email address means you’ll have a better open rate and click-through rate (CTR).

Get rid of strong bounce

Hard bounce is a nightmare in the world of email marketing. It lowers your sender score and can lead to you being blacklisted. Email Verification is designed to verify accounts and ensure they are genuine. Good email validation is not a simple database search. This is a real-time check to ensure that the username is a registered and active mailbox on the host server. A quick validation will give you peace of mind that your email list is safe to share.

Reduce spam complaints

Spam complaints are liable to compromise the deliverability of your campaigns. The complaint usually occurs when the user receives too many emails from you or when they do not understand the unsubscribe process. The allowed spam complaint rate is less than 0.1%. Some advanced email validators help identify users who frequently mark email communications as spam, letting you know whether or not they are participating in moderation.

Avoid high-risk email accounts

Risky email accounts typically include known litigants in the email marketing space and email accounts associated with fraud or chargebacks. Sending to these email addresses can get you in trouble, as marketers who have sent emails for many scams often find themselves in a blacklist. Using validation helps you stay away from a lot of these rotten apples.

Determine which email accounts are collected

If you are in the B2B space, you may be familiar with end-to-end mail servers. These are basically server configurations that accept emails sent to any username, even if the mailbox is not created. The problem for digital marketers is that the email looks real, but then they reject it. With an email validation solution, you can find out which mail servers are configured in this way. Providing you with additional information allows you to make the best decisions for your email campaign.

Suspension of temporary accounts

Temporary email accounts, commonly used by scammers, last less than 48 hours and are randomly generated. Since they are real at the point of collection, they can easily bypass the double sign-up process.

dodge hackers

Spambots are notorious for spamming your contact forms with fake data. Some companies use CAPTCHA to avoid bots, but this also frustrates users. When you know the difference between a real account and fake data, you can beat the bots.

Alert typo and conversion

In the form, the validation will notify the user when they make an error. Email addresses may look real to the human eye, but validation will detect what is real and what isn’t. If the user tampers with his contact details, he will receive an error message, which will help alert him and turn the invalid data into good quality contacts.

Final Words: Benefits of verifying your email address

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