Blog: The main types of push notifications to increase sales through your app (1/12/22)

Blog: The main types of push notifications to increase sales through your app (1/12/22)

The marketing sector must engage in continuous marketing innovation to reach customers in a timely manner and enhance company sales and brand loyalty. They use various innovative methods to make users aware of their products, hoping to persuade them to buy.

One of the newest technologies used as a means of quick marketing is push notifications. Marketers use web-based push notifications which can generate a high reaction rate. Attractive media and personalization are some of the techniques used to improve push notification performance. Below are the main types of push notifications.

Push notifications geolocation

Pangeanic’s machine translation API is the easiest way to translate information feedback from customers into a language that your customer service team can easily understand.

Pangeanic MT solutions can benefit businesses that process large volumes of documents. Businesses doing geolocation notifications can take advantage of mobile app translation by MT API to get better feedback from customer responses.

These are the notifications that are activated by location. This means that the user must be within a certain geographic location to receive the notification. Fast food vendors are common users of geo-targeted push notifications. When users are within an area where there is a fast food store, they immediately receive a push notification to purchase from the store.

Businesses using geolocation notifications should also be quick to read customer feedback to help them not lose their business. Customers can provide feedback in terms of requests or other requests.

Rich media notifications

This is a type of notification based on both text and media. Text only notification may fade easily but when media is added, it can last longer on user widget. Advertisers can add images, videos, audio, etc., in notification texts. It makes your marketing objective even better because you can include a link to encourage clickable responses from customers.

Time sensitive push notification

Sometimes a company may have sensitive information that can easily affect customers’ plans or schedules. If the information is not sent at that particular moment, then its use will end within a short period of time.

This type of push notification should be relevant and intentional. An example of such a notification could be a traffic alert through a traffic application. If there is an accident that could disrupt the movement, it is useful to send a push alert.

App-based push notifications

These are notifications that are sent to users on mobile devices. Once recipients receive the notification, they do not have to open the app to read it. It is automatically displayed on the screen. They provide an instant way to communicate with users. They are used to send alerts about sports scores, flash sales, etc.

Behavioral push notifications

Instead of sending a general push notification to any user, you can send a specific message based on the user’s actions. A behavioral push notifier studies a user’s behavior, such as something they searched for, a response to another message, a request they made, etc. The action a user takes is what triggers the type of push notification they will receive.

Resubscribe push notifications

Another push-to-sell strategy is to remind users of a message they previously received. This is what re-share notifications do. It could be an invitation to an event, to read or watch some news. It could also be a customer who ordered something and the marketer wants to remind them to complete the checkout.

Evaluation push notification

One of the best ways to collect data is assessment push notifications. After a customer uses a service or application, a notification appears on their screen asking them to rate the service or application. This is another way to collect data through surveys. Customers provide feedback that can be used to improve customer satisfaction.

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