Inovonics announces Mobile Duress API integration with SecureTech systems

Inovonics announces Mobile Duress API integration with SecureTech systems

Westminster, Colorado.And January 11 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inovonics, the leader in highly reliable wireless solutions for life safety applications, has announced that its portable coercion system is fully integrated with SecureTech Systems’ WAVE Plus Critical Incident Notification System. SecureTech’s WAVE Plus system instantly transmits detailed messages directly to security and law enforcement officials via the two-way radios they already carry as well as by email and text messages. With this integration any SecureTech merchant can add accurate room and floor level information to these notifications.

Easy to install and cost-effective to deploy, the Inovonics portable actuator provides accurate indoor chamber location and ground level location when someone activates the Inovonics pendant. Built on the Inovonics cloud platform, the solution combines the trusted hardware Inovonics is known for with powerful software and API tools for easy integration and data access.

He said Juliana Goldenberg, Managing Director of SecureTech Systems, “This solution provides the kind of precise location customers need in industries as diverse as healthcare and hospitality.”

The Inovonics mobile coercion system works in concert with any existing security system, sending location details directly to a central station, video surveillance or access control system, or other IP-based application. For more information, please visit

For more information or to inquire about interview availability, please contact Nikki Williams In Inovonics, in [email protected] or 303-209-7219.

About SecureTech Systems
SecureTech Systems manufactures the WAVE Plus Push Notification System that transmits alarms directly via two-way radios already carried by responders. WAVE is the perfect solution for courts, schools, hospitals, government buildings and other facilities where first responders carry radios. WAVE Plus can also send emails and text messages, make a phone call, or work with other systems to send out an alarm.. For more information, visit

About Innovonex
Inovonics is the industry leader in reliable wireless technology for life safety applications. Inovonics provides flexible and cost-effective solutions to the major living and commercial security markets by leveraging an extensible cloud platform, purpose-built software, APIs, dependable hardware components, and unparalleled network infrastructure. Inovonics technology can be integrated into any cloud or enterprise-based application. For more information, visit

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Marketing Communications Manager
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