Issa Rae’s Raedio Label Launches Emerging Artists Program with Google – Billboard

Issa Rae’s Raedio Label Launches Emerging Artists Program with Google – Billboard

Issa RayRaedo’s brand Raedo has partnered with Google to launch a new program for emerging artists, painting To be announced exclusively on Thursday (January 13th).

The Google-backed Raedio Creator program is designed to provide independent, underrepresented artists with more resources as well as represent more women of color in the music industry, something the actress has quickly criticized. Los Angeles Times interview. “Probably the worst industry I’ve ever been in. I thought Hollywood was crazy. Ray said the music industry has to start over. Conflicts of interest are a lot. Outdated mindsets. Scammers and criminals! It’s an abusive industry, and I really feel for the artists that should appear in it. “.



Issa Ray

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Raedo – a “sound company everywhere” in a joint venture with a record label and four other affiliates dedicated to publishing, live events, music curation, and a music library – began in October 2019. Ray’s music venture has proven fruitful in breaking new ground with artists, mostly from Females and/or POC’s in the R&B and hip-hop space, including Baby Tate and TeaMarrr.

“This partnership is fully aligned with my mission to help open doors and provide opportunities for women to succeed and thrive in their craft,” Ray said in a statement. painting. “I can’t wait to see the impact of this program and partnership on those selected and the music created as a result.”

The Google-powered Raedio Creator Program will select two artists and composers to receive funding and resources to create and retain music. The funding from Google will cover recording fees, product costs and marketing expenses for the female artists to produce a three to five song EP. The projects will be overseen and distributed by the Raedio Records division, which will be available to all digital service providers (DSPs). Songs from each EP will be added to the Raedio Music Library so they can be viewed for syncing opportunities. Google will also fund the production and development of one music video for each artist.

Google’s funding specifically for music composers will cover the costs of recording and artistic collaboration for a series of collections to synchronize TV, film and branding. Raedio’s music supervision branch will be looking for opportunities to put the composers’ original songs on various Hollywood projects.

“We are proud to create these four scholarships in partnership with Raedio with the goal of emphasizing the importance of providing access and opportunities to women of color who are pursuing vocal careers in the entertainment industry,” he said. Eli Ruth BrunetGoogle’s leading entertainment partnerships, in a statement. “This program is an extension of Google’s dedication to supporting diversity in the entertainment industry and we look forward to hearing the artistic contributions of all participants.”

Ray has given emerging and established artists opportunities to secure lucrative synch positions by putting their music into the hit HBO series. Unsafe, which ended last month after a successful streak that lasted five seasons. In an interview with painting Last fall, Raedo president and longtime Rae business partner Benoni Tagou He described the show as “the starting point, but certainly not the finish line” for the artists signed with Raedio, which has been working on supervising music for series like Epix. Godfather of Harlemstars Power And Ray’s upcoming HBO Max series rap sh*t About two struggling rappers in Miami, co-produced by City Girls.

“We are proud to partner with Google to support women in music,” adds Tajo. “As a ubiquitous audio company, Raedo places artists’ work in as many places as possible where music is consumed, increasing its visibility among fans and consumers, which in turn increases their earning potential. The Google-powered Raedio Creator program is another way. us to do this by providing a platform, tangible resources, mentorship and amplification for aspiring talent. We look forward to selecting the ultimate artists and composers and supporting them on their musical journeys.”

Artists and composers can start submitting their work for consideration in the Google-powered Raedio Creator program starting in February. Recipients will be announced in March.

The partnership was brokered by UTA Marketing, the brand advisory division of UTA, which represents Google.

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