LUCA is preparing to launch its token for public sale

LUCA is preparing to launch its token for public sale

LARNACA, CYPRUS, January 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Lucrosus Capital has been coming with many surprises for its community since the beginning of the year. Public sale is almost here, it begins January 17, 2022! It will be divided into 100 stages. But most importantly, as each stage of the public sale passes, the price of the token is bound to rise.

Currently, the platform is making its first round of investment, a private sale, which will be followed by a public sale immediately. Early investors will be able to purchase the tokens with card payments and 10+ base cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH as well as those known with low fees such as SOL, LUNA and TRX.

Reasons for participating in the public sale

Investors can participate in this wonderful initiative by joining the public sale. The main reason to do this is that acquiring a $LUCA token will gradually boost the investor’s income, as purchasing the token will provide members with many benefits thanks to the various facilities.

Among the many facilities, we must emphasize the Joint Allocation Program, which allows participants to participate in the joint allocation system and receive tokens for Lucrosus Capital invested projects based on their level.

The level is determined by the number of LUCA$ tokens held; The more tokens held, the higher the customization:

  • Gemmo – $5 million + LUCA; 25% customize
  • emerald – 1 million dollars + LUCA; 22.5% customize;
  • Gold – $300K + LUCA 20% allotment;
  • Arganti – 100 thousand + LUCA dollars; 17.5% customize;
  • Cuprum – 25 thousand dollars + LUCA; 15% allotment.

Allocations within levels will be divided equally among all members of their respective groups. As for the last two frameworks, Arganti and Cuprum, they will be modified, as a certain number of participants of each level will be eligible for a specified amount.

Apart from that, the token itself offers the ability to participate in a buyback program, governance system, staking, access to highly advanced research, and one-on-one sessions with project representatives.

With this approach, the token will allow its holder to be a part of the project, decide on future investments and many other advantages.

But what is Lucrosus Capital all about?

If you are not familiar with Lucrosus Capital, you have come to the right place. First and foremost, Lucrosus Capital is a new market concept that unites gameplay with decentralized venture capital. It is the world’s first DeVC gamified device.

Individual investors are taking advantage of the institutional investment opportunities of Lucrosus, which is reshaping the investment model, integrating all the benefits of blockchain with Venture Capital. In this way, the efforts of the joint venture fund will have a larger and more profitable audience, and will have a very beneficial effect on the entire sector.

In addition, to ensure success, Lucrosus provides unique support for invested projects, allowing developers to focus on long-term project growth. Support refers to the following areas:

marketing: With the help of Lucrosus Capital, the projects will have access to trusted influencers and marketing agencies in the cryptocurrency sector.

global relations: Lucrosus Capital offers links with many experts, including trustworthy legal analysts, IT professionals, and advisors.

Investments: Funding will be provided to partner platforms in the early stages of development, ensuring long-term project growth.

expertise: Due to the long-standing participation of the team members in the market, the Lucrosus team understands the intricacies of the cryptocurrency market and can solve all its challenges.

Graphic design: The visual presentation of the project is also critical in capturing the attention of new users, accelerating future development.

As for the $LUCA . symbol

$LUCA is a utility token that serves as the basis for Lucrosus Capital’s operations. The token solves problems for both ordinary investors and developers creating blockchain projects.

And because $LUCA was developed to decentralize the venture capital fund, it has several distinct qualities that give users a way to participate in Lucrosus’ mission to transform the industry. As noted above, a few of these attributes share a buyback program, governance, betting, access to highly advanced research, and access to one-on-one sessions with project representatives.

Regarding the price, the $LUCA token will start selling at $0.026. On average, the price will rise from one stage to the next by 1%. Therefore, early buyers can expect greater profits.


With that being said, Lucrosus Capital is here to change the way gamification approaches the investment sector by bringing innovation and a new way to promote and provide growth opportunities. It focuses on the cryptocurrency industry, believing that sharing fund initiatives with a larger audience will be more profitable and have a greater impact on the entire industry.

Furthermore, the platform offers a referral scheme that allows users to earn extra money by promoting the project and supporting long-term growth.

By sharing your unique Lucrosus Capital referral link with your friends, you will be able to get 30% more in $LUCA tokens or 15% more in ETH as a reward. Every transaction made by the friends with whom you share the link results in real profit for you. Also, the person who referred you will get 5% more codes.

If you don’t want to miss the public sale, sign up now.

Learn more about Lucrosus Capital on their website and stay updated by following the project on social media: Twitter, Medium, Telegram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

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