Marketers, this is what your strategy needs in 2022

Marketers, this is what your strategy needs in 2022

Marketing strategies help as a guideline for your campaigns this year. And as we’ve learned in the past two years, Any thing might happen. Therefore, when planning your 2022 tier, it is important to think about the previous year and determine what worked and what didn’t.

It’s also important to think about how consumer attitudes shape the way you market your products and services to them. And in 2022, customers are accustomed to consuming visual content and focusing on the emotional value of brands on what they are selling.

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate these trends into your strategy for 2022, look no further! Media update Lara Smit tells you exactly What are your marketing strategies need to to succeed this year.

Everyone feels alive with videos

In 2022, marketers will experience a massive shift towards video. With people spending up to 18 hours a week watching videos on the web, this medium has quickly become a leader in online content.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that 86% of companies have made use of this medium as a marketing tool. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Social Media Today reports that up to 87% of marketers claim that video contributes positively to their ROI.

If you are wondering what types of videos you should include in your strategy, the answer is short form. With 69% of online users prefering the short form over long videos, marketers can focus their focus on using platforms that offer this like:

  • tik tok
  • Instagram Reels and
  • Youtube shorts.

tik tok

Tiktok originally gained traction among young people as a platform similar to Vine where they can create and share funny videos (usually dancing to their favorite songs or synchronized audio clips from TV series or movies). But today, brands all over the world are using this $50 billion social networking service to market their products.

Last year, Guess, one of the top denim brands, launched her TikTok profile by promoting her “InMyDenim” campaign. This campaign encouraged users to take videos of themselves transforming from plain tattered casual outfits to stylish individuals dressed as head-to-toe Guess.

Netflix has also made use of this platform as a way to humanize its content. The platform included interviews with the actors who appeared in its series and movies, as well as funny skits by the same actors.

Marketers may want to note how these brands use TikTok to make their products more accessible to consumers. Through Guess’ #InMyDenim campaign, customers were involved in creating content – making them feel included and valued by the brand.

In addition, Netflix’s TikTok videos immerse users in the worlds of the actors they see on screen and present them in fun and communicative ways. This fourth wall breaks between actors and viewers, making them feel more involved in the processes of the shows and movies they love.

Instagram reels

As a highly visual platform, it makes sense for Instagram to add the nifty Instagram Reels feature. This allows users to create 30-second videos that they can enhance with text, filters, music, and digital stickers.

The use of this feature is a file excellent A way to drive traffic to your brand’s Instagram page. Moreover, like TikTok, this tool allows brands to humanize their content while informing users of their products and services. How is that?

By recording videos of people discussing their products, brands give their name a face and personality that people can relate to. Additionally, watching someone discuss a product is like a referral in that it confirms that the product has been used and that the user has approved it.

This feature also allows companies to provide quick testimonials about how their products work, helping customers bypass having to read help posts. Ultimately, this enhances their experience.

youtube short

YouTube Short is a feature that YouTube launched just last year. It is important for marketers to note that, as a leading video platform, YouTube has a wide audience of followers who have recognized this platform as their favorite video source for many years.

Therefore, it would be smart for marketers to incorporate this platform into their video strategy in 2022 so that they can benefit from such a large number of followers with their content.

For more information about YouTube Short, see our article YouTube Short 101: Everything you need to knowAnd

It’s time to be more customer centric

In 2022, customers are seeking connectivity and validation more than ever. If a brand can prove to them that it isn’t Just A number, they will have earned the loyalty and respect of their customers. quotes entrepreneur“People want to be treated as individuals, not just a customer.”

This means that marketers will have to get to know the people to whom they are advertising their products. They need to know their audience’s preferences and what motivates them. Then marketers can find ways to make their brand resonate with consumers and communicate their brand story in more exciting ways.

entrepreneur He also points out that this calls for a softer approach from marketers as they will have to take on the role of a mentor rather than an advertiser. why? Well, they will have to teach consumers the meaning behind their products and services and why they can trust that the products will fulfill their desires and add quality to their lives.

Additionally, it means that brands will have to communicate with their customers and let them know that they are there for them whenever needed. We see this in Instagram’s integration of automated messaging for businesses.

Now, businesses can activate a post on their Instagram pages – which automatically sends messages to customers they message. This feature is great at reassuring consumers that their messages are being delivered to businesses and can notify them when they can expect to receive a response. This removes a lot of the uncertainty involved in the messaging process.

Content Marketing with a Touch

Since consumers are no longer interested in pushing products to them, they will give Little Pay attention to ads. Therefore, marketers will have to get a little creative about how they promote products.

There is a less direct way in which marketers can effectively attract consumers through content marketing. This is because content marketing tells a story behind the product and essentially attracts audiences to buy into that narrative, rather than the product alone.

Not only is content marketing a great way to build connections between your brand and consumers, but it’s also a great way to boost your credibility. It’s a great way for people to feel like they’re participating in a conversation about your work that educates and inspires them.

Plus, if your content is good and relatable, customers will connect with what your brand says and feel as though they’re buying in a message rather than a product when buying from you.

Content marketing is arguably one of the most effective advertising methods. By building strong relationships with your audience, you are creating minimal investments for your brand. How is that?

Well, if you think about it, by establishing a relationship between you and your customers, they will be more willing to stay and keep buying products from you. Therefore, it is imperative that marketers consider incorporating this type of marketing into their strategies for 2022.

What do you think marketers should add to their strategies for 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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