Moxxy Farms and Peterson Farms won a GDUSA Award for Packaging Design for their cherry juice antioxidant solutions

Moxxy Farms and Peterson Farms won a GDUSA Award for Packaging Design for their cherry juice antioxidant solutions

Moxxy Farms and Peterson Farms won a GDUSA Award for Packaging Design for their cherry juice antioxidant solutions

Shelby, Michigan Moxxy Marketing has been honored with the 2021 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) Packaging Design Award for its work with Peterson Farms, Inc. In designing Tart Cherry Juice’s range of antioxidant solutions.

“It is an honor to be recognized for outstanding design, both in terms of aesthetics of assertiveness and strategic impact,” said Karen Nardoza, President and CEO of Moxxy. “It was essential to create packaging that would capture the attention of in-store shoppers and promote this healthy product line, as well as provide Peterson Farms with valuable intellectual property that differentiates the brand and helps the sales team show retailers how to support the launch of these new products for optimal success.”

“The award-winning cherry juice packaging fulfills multiple goals: The images not only showcase the freshest, delicious cherries harvested at the rush, but also encourage shoppers who may not be familiar with the products to try them,” said Grant Boring. , director of marketing and communications at Peterson Farms.

“Sour cherry juice is often consumed as a sports recovery drink, but it is also gaining traction as a delicious and healthy everyday drink. It was important that our packaging reached out to a diverse group of consumers, highlighting the health benefits and distinguishing the three juices in a diverse package – Triple Cherry Juice And 100% Tart Cherry Juice and Tart Cherry Juice with Apple—while making the product’s packaging irresistible.”

Peterson Farms has been processing tart cherries in its Shelby, Michigan, facility for more than three decades. The coastal shores of Lake Michigan produce impressive crops of tart Montmorency cherries and the company’s well-established relationships in the region allow them to purchase and process this high-quality fruit in the same region in which it is grown. Moxxy cherry juice bottle designs are creative and effective marketing tools that set these juices apart from other options on the grocery shelf.

Moxxy’s partnership with Peterson Farms has involved production, conception and design on the full range of fruit juice SKUs, including processing a variety of package and carton configurations to meet the needs of retailers. In total, the Moxx creative strategic team designed and designed the following packaging elements for Peterson Farms:

  1. 32 oz 100% tart cherry juice not from label and carton
  2. 32 oz Triple Cherry Juice Poster & Carton
  3. 32 ounce cartons and labels of cherry and apple juice mix
  4. 32 ounces tart cherry juice from a label and can concentrate
  5. 32oz 100% Cranberry Juice Not From Label & Cartons
  6. Assorted cherry juice box

“This award is exciting because our team works so hard to differentiate our tart cherry juice antioxidant brand to ensure that it provides our customers with the strongest value possible. This includes the flavor and quality of the juices themselves, but also the messaging, marketing and packaging that help consumers understand this unique line of juice products,” said Sarah Schluckber, Head of Sales and Marketing at Peterson Farms. “It is a boost to team morale to know that our Tart Cherry Juice products are being noted for their attractiveness and attractive design.”

Peterson Farms is one of North America’s leading fruit processing companies, producing best-in-class products from four basic commodities, including sweet and tart cherries, apples and blueberries. The company was founded in 1984 by Earl and Linda Peterson.

For nearly six decades, GDUSA has sponsored design competitions that highlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. The GDUSA Package Design Awards were created to recognize the value of an attractive and strategic package design. Reflecting the continued importance of package design, more than 2,200 entries were received overall for the 2021 Awards – one of the largest totals to date despite this tumultuous year – and a selective high of the ten percent were named winners.

Gordon Kay, Editor of GDUSA, said, “Package design is more important than ever, and the depth and breadth of our annual competition reflects that. In this age when audiences are divided, communications are blurred, and brand loyalty is challenged, package design is uniquely positioned to reinforce the promise of Brand, inform and persuade, and establish an emotional connection in the moment of truth.”

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About Moxxy Marketing:
Moxxy is a full-service marketing agency offering brand development, packaging design, website design, marketing strategy, planning, research, advertising, graphic design, and public relations for the agriculture, wine and fresh food industries. For more information, visit or find it on social media at,, and

About Peterson Farms:
Founded in 1984 by Earl and Linda Peterson, Peterson Farms is dedicated to quality, food safety, and value. Peterson Farms, Inc. One of the leading fruit processing companies in North America, we are proud to offer our four primary commodities – apples, sweet cherries, cherries and blueberries – to some of the world’s most recognized brands and in-demand industries. Headquartered in Shelby, Michigan, Peterson Farms operates six SQF-certified facilities with more than 2.0 million square feet of processing and storage space, including Individual Express Freezing (IQF), processing fresh apples, juice, sauce, and controlled atmosphere storage as well as To the largest freezer storage facility in the Midwest. Peterson Farms continues to grow by adhering to its founding principles of food safety and reliability. Peterson Farms has organized the company around these values, investing in new processing technologies and markets along the way.

About Graphic Design USA – GDUSA:
For 58 years, Graphic Design USA has been the business magazine for graphic design professionals. GDUSA covers news, people, projects, trends, technology, products and services. The GDUSA brand now includes 50,000 monthly web visitors, monthly e-newsletters, print and digital editions of the magazine, and several annual designs covering the best of graphic design, packaging design, web design, interior design, and more.

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