NEWS WATCH: HUMANOIDS Announces Big Additions to Staff, Expands to Editorial, Design, Sales and Marketing, and Media

NEWS WATCH: HUMANOIDS Announces Big Additions to Staff, Expands to Editorial, Design, Sales and Marketing, and Media

Humanoids Publishing recently appointed Sean Price as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In his new role, Price will oversee sales, marketing, distribution and consumer strategy for Humanoids’ English language publications in print and digital.

Price previously spent nearly a decade at Dark Horse Comics, most recently as director of commercial sales and book marketing. During his time there, he was responsible for dealing with distribution partners and managing sales and marketing for all Dark Horse books. Price has worked on a series of best-selling series such as The Umbrella Academy, Berserk, The Witcher, and Plants vs. and Nintendo, HBO, and Sony. His experience in marketing and sales has led Dark Horse to numerous bestsellers on the New York Times and Amazon lists. He graduated twice from the University of Oregon, and recently earned an MBA.

“As we begin a high-growth chapter for Humanoids, Sean will be instrumental in harnessing the increasing complexity of distribution and marketing in an increasingly fragmented world,” said Humanoids CEO Fabrice Giger.

“Humanoids is a company that I have always deeply respected, and I am thrilled to join their ranks at an exciting time in the company’s history. As we see an increasing number of consumers of comic and graphic novel content in both digital and physical books as well as in the media, I feel there is a bright future ahead. Humanoids strive to connect people through the shared experience that stories provide, which is something I’m excited about,” Price added.

In the editorial, the Humanoids appointed Marvel veteran Jake Thomas as executive editor. During his time at Marvel, Thomas worked on several notable series including The Punisher, Black Widow, Venom and Alien. He has over ten years of experience in the merchandising industry, developing projects, recruiting talent and guiding book production through all stages of development. Thomas is also an accomplished writer of both short stories and screenplays. “I am delighted to be part of the team at Humanoids!” Thomas says. “The breadth and depth of their incredible catalog, along with their dedication to excellence in the stories they tell and the production of their material, is everything I love about comics as a professional and fan alike. They have an amazing legacy and a very exciting future that I am proud and honored to be joining.”

According to publisher Mark Waid, “With his experience and passion, Jake is a dynamic choice to lead the editorial in the coming months and years. We are fortunate to have him.”

Beth York has joined Humanoids as Development Director for Film and Television, and has led the creative and development endeavors in adapting the media company’s IP portfolio for film and television. Prior to joining Humanoids, York was Executive Director of Development at Original Film working on shows such as Amazon’s Emmy-nominated The Boys, SWAT for CBS, Happy! for Syfy, and I know what you did last summer for Amazon, as well as an extensive development roster. Prior to the original film, she worked at Sony Pictures Television in Drama Development and at the Paradigm Talent Agency.

“What drew me to Humanoids was the vast and acclaimed catalog of intellectual property that includes everything from science fiction to slices of life stories, all with a unique balance of edge and heart,” York says. “It is a pleasure working with the Humanoids team, especially in this Exciting time to begin adapting the library for film and television.”

“We are very excited to have Beth join our team,” said Matthew Cobbett, Director of Operations at Humanoids Group. “Beth’s ability to identify and develop material from our massive IP library of nearly a thousand properties makes her a perfect match for our department.”

Sandy Tanaka, a former Dark Horse employee, recently joined the design department at Humanoids and has twenty years of experience in design and marketing, starting with music and film and entering comics publishing nine years ago. Tanaka’s responsibilities include graphic design for her publications as well as assisting the media department with presentations. “I am thrilled to join Humanoids and work with such a esteemed catalog as well as help expand their media presence,” Tanaka says. Jerry Friesen, Senior Art Director, adds, “Sandy is the boosting shot we need and will add immeasurably to the look of our books in the future.”

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NEWS WATCH: HUMANOIDS Announces Big Additions to Staff, Expands to Editorial, Design, Sales and Marketing, and Media

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