No-cost marketing strategies that provide instant traction

No-cost marketing strategies that provide instant traction

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New marketing strategies come and go all the time. There’s always something new to test and try, but many brands quickly fall back on proven strategies that deliver results month after month, such as SEO (search engine optimization), Google Pay Per Click Ads, Facebook Ads, and sometimes email marketing. .

“OG” marketing strategies will always produce results, but brands that rely solely on those and don’t test out new trends will never realize their full potential. While many marketing trends eventually slow down and lose their effectiveness over time, some hidden gems can deliver quick results if you hit them while they’re hot.

Knowing where to allocate your marketing budget can be tricky, and if you go too far on a marketing strategy that ends in failure, you can miss out on revenue opportunities if you push that marketing money into your tried-and-true campaigns.

When you hit a winning trend, the return far exceeds just the revenue. You gain valuable brand visibility and new customers that you can market to in the future, but also increase your valuation as a company. My marketing company, X Network, specializes in SEO and paid advertising, and we have proven case studies on this topic. We are constantly creating new marketing strategies and angles for brands of all sizes, from new consumer-oriented products to home brands around the world. Here are some marketing strategies you can try that won’t cost you anything and have produced some outstanding results for our clients:

Cause-Driven Campaigns and Purpose-Driven Initiatives

We started experimenting with purpose-driven marketing campaigns during the onset of the 2020 pandemic. With consumers at home looking for outlets to be entertained and distracted, it naturally opened the door to online sales.

Consumers were spending ridiculous time online and there was no delay when it came to buying. Brands that launched purpose-driven campaigns were thriving. Consumers had more time to shop and peek into the backstory of the brands they encountered.

With so much uncertainty at the time, it provided the opportunity to connect with potential customers by stirring up emotions. Consumers were willing to support brands that supported a cause and set out to make a difference.

There is no shortage of causes, from environmental issues to human rights and equality, without forcibly doing it, you can of course always stand behind a cause you truly believe in. Authenticity speaks volumes, and if your message is really authentic, the audience will immediately. On the other hand, if the message is not real and smells of a marketing ploy, consumers will be turned off and consumer confidence will be lost.

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The audience of any brand is more willing to part with their money knowing that some of it will be headed toward a purpose they can get. By supporting your brand, you can make them feel like they’re contributing to your cause – that feeling of making a positive difference is what fuels so many purchases.

Launch FOMO (Fear of Missing) campaign

Let’s continue using the epidemic as a case study. The data shows that it has caused increased competition online simply because more consumers have been shopping at all hours of the day. Brands could launch a targeted ad campaign on Facebook and run a profitable campaign with little effort initially because the supply from consumers was so great.

As more states in the US and countries around the world start putting up stay-at-home orders and starting to open up again, it takes a little creativity to maintain healthy sales numbers. The importance and efficacy of FOMO shows are underestimated because the average person does not like to lose sight of what they think is perceived as trendy or trendy.

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Game-changing brands are turning to FOMO marketing campaigns because they are great for increasing sales without reducing brand value. Whether it’s with limited editions, time-sensitive specials, or exclusive “online only” specials. You can use almost any product or service and create a FOMO-based version to generate interest and increase sales.

Consider accessing wellbeing pursuits.

Early in the pandemic, brands had to be very careful about how and how they communicated their marketing messages. It was a time of sudden crisis and there was no blueprint for how brands would act or approach their audience.

Some brands have avoided a topic as if it didn’t even exist, while some offered relief in the form of discounts or pledged a certain percentage to COVID relief efforts. When things started to return to normal, brands began to have the opportunity to reach out to their customers for a little luxury communication.

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A simple phrase, “Hopefully you’re doing well and we’re here by your side while the world adjusts and turns into what we remember as normal” without a presentation or discount was a great way to communicate honestly without seeming just a way to slip through the show.

Reconnecting in this way shows your customer that you really care about their health and safety. It shows your potential new and existing customers that your brand is there to provide the best possible customer service beyond what they are used to. Always put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer and make decisions that will positively influence your decision if you are on the other side. I myself use my own Instagram account to frequently check the well-being of my company contacts and agency partners, but you need to find the perfect way to create the line of communication that best complements your brand or company.


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