Please wait, your call is important to us |  Vanilla Plus

Please wait, your call is important to us | Vanilla Plus

Many of us who have called the call center can relate to Adele’s words on her 2015 chart-topping single “Hello from the other side, I must have called a thousand times…”. Bad communication, excessive transfers and long queues can lead to customers losing interest quickly. Here is Doug Mulvihill, UK Marketing Director at Call Center Software Provider Ringover, explores how companies can ensure that their call center service is always a hit with customers.

How many times have you needed to contact a company, but have discussed whether calling the helpline will provide you with a worthwhile result, or will it leave you frustrated with long waits and multiple transfers? Most of us have at least one helpline horror story, leaving call centers with a bad reputation.

However, despite call center concerns, many customers feel that they must speak through their inquiries and concerns over the phone to resolve them even in the age of social media. Thus, call centers remain a valuable asset in the customer contact service of the company.

In addition, effective helplines will support companies to meet the increasing volumes of incoming customer contacts. In fact, in a survey conducted by the United Kingdom call center forum, two-thirds of call center organizations reported an increase in incoming customer calls over the past year.

With all this in mind, it is imperative that companies ensure that their call centers leave customers impressed and not depressed.

raging from repetition

A common grievance of call center callers is to repeat their information over and over again. In fact, MicrosoftThe State of Global Customer Service report from The State of Global Customer Service found that a third of customers agree that this is the most frustrating aspect of a poor customer service experience.

If a customer has to provide his data and repeat his problem every time he makes a new call or is transferred to someone else, he will surely get annoyed. In addition to sending a caller crazy, it wastes a significant amount of time and leaves queued callers waiting.

Rather than requiring customers to repeat their information at each step, call center managers should integrate CRM software with other applications and software within the call center. This allows all operators to instantly view each customer’s history and information as soon as a call comes in.

CRM integration allows customer service data to be combined with larger databases of customer information, including data about returns, repairs, and warranties, for example. Easy access to this vast amount of information allows operators to provide a personalized customer experience and improve efficiency.

boring diversions

Passing between operators excessively is another regular complaint of callers. Switching over and over again gives the customer the impression that the call center team is unknown, and that no employee can answer their query. It also wastes caller and operators time.

In addition, during the transfer of the customer to the next operator, he often gets stuck, which adds to his frustration. According to a survey conducted by a live chat software developer Villaro, 60% of callers will hang up after waiting one minute, and 32% are not willing to wait at all.

To avoid putting customers in an endless cycle of diversions and holdups, call center managers should use an automated call routing tool. Such a tool can organize and automatically distribute calls to ensure that each caller reaches the most suitable person in the center immediately.

Call routing preferences can be entered in line with employee skills, shift times and languages. A CRM system can also be used to develop call routing standards based on data such as purchase history and geographic area.

program to support

Features such as automated call routing and CRM integration can be achieved by call center managers who implement internal call center software. For example, Ringover’s internal call center system can be activated in a CRM to simplify customer call management and improve customer experience.

The software allows call centers to efficiently manage incoming calls, using features such as advanced call routing and live chat monitoring to ensure high-quality customer support. Additionally, the software contains training tools that improve support training, such as the ability to confidentially advise a team member during a customer call for help when needed.

Doug Mulvihill

Moreover, as a cloud-based solution, the software allows call center operators to answer incoming calls from anywhere. All team members need an app on their desktop, laptop, or smartphone to support customers from their location, allowing them to work in the office or remotely.

While many call center callers, like Adele in her single, find it difficult to get their message across, there are tools that call center managers can use to improve the customer experience. With our cloud-based incoming call management system, customers are directed to the best team member, who has instant visibility into their personal information, to get inquiries sorted quickly.

The author is Doug Mulvihill, UK Marketing Director at Ringover, a call center software provider.

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