Podcast All About Twilight (and 4 More Shows to Check Out)

Podcast All About Twilight (and 4 More Shows to Check Out)

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Hello all! We have a big problem today, so let’s tackle it.

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Hold the spider monkey taut.
Exclusive to Spotify. listen here.

Today marks the appearance of Big Hit . Show, the latest audio version of Higher Ground, otherwise known as Obama’s production studio. Published as a Spotify exclusive, part of the almost certainly profitable partnership announced between the two parties in 2019, written and hosted by journalist Alex Pappademas, Big Hit . Show She intends to “explore what happens when a very successful piece of popular culture becomes so great that it changes the world.”

As of this writing, the series has identified only two pieces as opening targets for the study. The first is the famous romantic vampire epic twilight – ‘This is a great day for Wolfgang Roth, social expert and resident at Eagle twilight Excited – the second will be Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 album to pimp the butterfly, probably because it contained the “Okay” track, which was quickly elevated to a protest anthem. According to the press article, Big Hit . Show He would spend several episodes unpacking every bit of popular culture, referring to each set of installments as “chapters.” (The series was produced with Western Sound studio and features Sabrina Fang, Lori Galarreta, and Taylor Jones as producers. make opera, is the exhibitor.)

I only listened to the first episode available for preview, dated twilightMostly, I like what I hear. I tend to be wary of any framing device that goes along with the phrase “We were all wrong for making fun of the cultural thing X at the time!” There is a strong level of assumptions hidden in who is supposed to be a part of we In such a statement. However, somewhere in the depths of this episode, Papadimas seems to be tilting his hand in a more interesting direction as he spends some time thinking about how he used to make fun of twilight Phenomenon … while simultaneously writing articles in magazines about the importance of picture books. whether, what Big Hit . Show It makes the most of the recognized mea culpa framework and takes the full analysis to really new places that still have to be seen, but I’m ready to follow the journey.

(Quick sidebar. Believe it or not, all twilight The thing that went through me when I kicked into high gear for the first time. Movies were released throughout my college years when I didn’t see new movies in theaters much, although I think I saw the first. twilight On a plane or something. To prepare for this false publicity, I visited the movie again over the weekend and, you know, had a lot of fun. Much of my enjoyment obviously comes from the definition: that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are now two of the best actors in today’s working art houses (Personal shopper! Spencer! good time! Cosmopolis?) definitely fueled my reading of their performance in twilight, which struck me as holes much higher than the weight of the material. Also: a baseball scene? Fuckin’ supermassive black hole? Come on!)

Anyway, back to the podcast: I have to point out that I’m willing to take an interest in it Big Hit Show. Besides being generally curious about the quality of the High Ground releases, as they seem to be a vital cornerstone of Obama’s post-presidency activities, I am interested in the various work of Papademas, who is currently writing a book on the legends of Keanu Reeves and once served as Executive Editor for MTV News over an extended period, Sometime between 2015 and 2017, when this site was producing some really excellent work. (I’ve also posted a few podcasts during that time, which I’ve actually dug up some of, like skill set With podcast veteran Amy Nicholson; political podcast bets; And North Mollywood, hosted by Papademas with fellow former Grantland writer Molly Lambert, who, incidentally, is working on a new narrative podcast about “Madam Hollywood,” Heidi Fleiss, due out next month). admirer.

Big Hit . Show It comes out at a strange time for Spotify. The Twitter Podcast was a little hype earlier this week after a column before BloombergLucas Shaw titled “The podcast hasn’t produced a new hit in years.” Reports suggest that executives at Spotify and other studios are concerned about not being able to produce enough new hits soon enough, how each new release appears to be attracting a smaller audience than the last, and how, as the world of podcasting becomes increasingly more competitive, it will be no less difficult. overcome these problems anytime soon. In a twist that seems to accentuate the sweating of the executive branch, hot podAshley Karman of The Ashley Karman Company broke the news yesterday that Spotify is shutting down its founding podcast studio, known as Studio 4 or Spotify Studios, which predates the company’s acquisition of Gimlet Media, Parcast and Ringer.

For what it’s worth, I mixed up in Shaw’s column. A lot of it keeps track of what I heard, and frankly, the idea that some (many?) podcast studios are sweating doesn’t surprise me too much. It’s been almost a decade since-series boom, but it’s still clear to me that studios motivated by the pursuit of success haven’t discovered very basic things, like good marketing practices, not stacking your releases, and some realization that if you use the same formula too many times, you’re likely to get diminishing returns. However, I do echo Carman’s equivocation about how Shaw defines “hit,” anything that breaks into the top 25 audio files according to Edison Research. It’s a very narrow definition.

Although… if you’re a Spotify user, and you’ve poured tons of money into this entire podcast, you’re definitely in a game of unmistakable hits that cut through the stratosphere. On this specific note, Spotify needs to win, and soon. will Big Hit . Show Be one of those gains? maybe. Or maybe you should just rely on your definition.

Listen to your heart’s content.
Available on all platforms. listen here.

If you like real-life dating shows and business collected from Esther Perel, or just have a slight curiosity about how someone else’s dating life goes, you’ll want to check This is dating, from Magnificent Noise, the studio best known for creating Perel’s popular couples therapy podcast, from where we start?

This is dating It is a show about modern courtship that offers a mix of formats. Broadly speaking, it follows four singles—Virginia, Aziz, Khan, and Amanda, not their real names—as they each go on a pair of virtual blind dates sponsored and, to a large extent, facilitated by the producers. very much like from where we start?, so much excitement This is dating It lies in getting the chance to listen to the recordings of these dates in all their awkward, awesome, and powerful glory. The program also features its in-house expert, dating coach and behavioral scientist Logan Yuri, who gives advice to singles between dates and, in turn, lessons for audiences to take in their own lives.

I’m working on a longer review of this show so watch out for that, but for now, suffice it to say I think it’s worth picking up. This is dating Produced by Jesse Baker, Hiwote Getaneh and Eleanor Kagan, who also serve, to varying degrees, as show hosts, game experts, and Greek choir.

wooden coats, the utterly charming British audio comedy about a failed funeral parlour on a small island in the English Channel (and one of our best audio shows of 2018!), returns for its fourth and final season tomorrow. There will be ten episodes of this farewell, and the team will be broadcasting live shows for each one, from Kings Place in London, every Sunday until the end of the series. More details can be found here.

Later this week, Netflix is ​​set to drop its adaptation of Archive 81, the 2016 independent fantasy podcast created by Mark Solinger (now at Butterfly) and Dan Powell (currently in New York times audio team), which means, of course, that this is as good a time as any to revisit or capture the original for the first time.

– New York timesmodern love The podcast has a new host: Anna Martin, who has been a producer on the team and will continue to produce the show while she takes on hosting duties. She has replaced the original columnist, Daniel Jones, and editor, Mia Lee, who had been co-host of the podcast since 2019 after he separated from his partnership with WBUR and was brought in internally.

– Update on a topic from last week: It was announced earlier this week that Odie Cornish, who wrapped up her final day as an anchor at NPR’s All things considered last friday, Joins CNNShe will present a new show on CNN+, appear on the major cable channel’s various news programs, and host a new podcast for CNN Audio. That’s a lot of work!

– That’s cool: The Library of Congress is acquiring the full collection of Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva’s work, aka Kitchen Sisters, spanning 40 years of tracks, including radio and podcast versions. More details here.

Available on all platforms. He listens here.

Sweet Bobby is an investigative podcast from Tortoise Media that tells the twisted story of a ten-year cat-hunting scheme perpetrated by someone uncomfortably close to the victim. It’s equal parts intriguing storytelling and well-thought-out journalism, and I love the way reporter Alexei Mostros takes us down the rabbit hole of a complex scam, then runs the capsule for a first-hand investigation to uncover a catfish’s motive and dives deep into the dark side of social media.” . —Hayley K.

This wrap for 1.5x speed! I hope you enjoyed it. We’re back next week, but for now: post recommendations, comments, or say hi to nicholas.quah@vulture.com.

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