Political Marketing: Advertising Practitioners Expect Budget Increase in 2022

Political Marketing: Advertising Practitioners Expect Budget Increase in 2022

Rahim Akengbolu

Practitioners predicted that in the year prior to the general elections in Nigeria, there would be a boom in advertising revenue from political marketing and the corporate environment in 2022. They also noted that the industry would register a massive increase in the digital advertising budget along with an acceleration in digital penetration and innovation this year.

Noting that the marketing communications industry, after overcoming the challenge posed to it by the bleak realities of the past two years, Emmanuel Agovo, President of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN), Emmanuel Agofo, said that 2020 will be an overall stabilizing year as a result of a beehive of marketing activities. Inside and outside politics.

“There is no longer any news that the global economy has been threatened in the last couple of years and this has also greatly affected marketing.

However, things are starting to take shape. For Nigerian practitioners, this year will be a boon of multiples as we will explore both institutional and political spaces. As I speak, preparations for elections have begun in Ekiti and Osun, and the general elections of 2023 are imminent. Politicians are beginning to understand the need to engage professionals and this will impact our industry positively. We should expect more print ads, TV ads and out-of-home ads. “Our people should get ready, it’s time for action,” said Agofo.

The former president of the Experimental Marketing Association of Nigeria, Kehinde Salami, described 2021 as a strong year for activation agencies, noting that the likelihood is high that 2022 will be more financially viable for the industry.

He said, “The significant increase in experiential marketing activities in 2021 has given us our expectations for 2022. Every day, brand owners are waking up to the importance of experiential marketing because the results are measurable faster than any engagement channel.

This year, we are convinced that there will be more activities because the environment looks better than last year when we left the COVID-19 challenge in fear. Although it is not yet up, we hope things will improve this year.”
Jude O’Dea, general manager of Starcom Media Perspectives, said in his report to an online marketing portal that he is optimistic that there will be growth in the market this year as well as “a proliferation of platforms especially small websites and blogs.”

“I hope to see a shift in budget to digital and more potential in our total media spending. I also hope to see massive content growth and that will be driving mobile and the kind of growth we also hope to see in the digital media space. Digital is going to be the primary beneficiary of that growth because it It will grow even more at the expense of traditional media.”

Fortunately, 2022 promises positive prospects for the advertising world, with advertising across all digital channels expected to exceed 60% of global ad spend for the first time this year, reaching 61.5% of total spend according to market reports from Publicis Groupe media agency Zenith. WPP’s GroupM also forecast an additional 13.5% growth in 2022 with digital now making up the lion’s share of ad spend and expected to account for 64.4% of total advertising this year, up from 60.5% in 2020.

The steady growth of internet users globally has become an important factor in fueling the growth of the online advertising market.

“With marketers taking advantage of online advertising to achieve their marketing goals, the emergence of social media bloggers, the growing trend of influencer marketing, the growing demand for e-commerce and social commerce that has accelerated due to the pandemic, and the ever-increasing reach of the internet around the world presents a great opportunity for advertising Online Some of these channels include banners, remarketing, pay-per-call advertising, pay-per-click advertising, e-newsletter pop-ups, personalized e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, social media ads, online magazines, “advertiser” .

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