Proven Content Marketing Strategies for Law Firms: 9 Tips

Proven Content Marketing Strategies for Law Firms: 9 Tips

Content marketing for traffic is all about getting people’s attention. How do you get their attention? You give them what they want.

What is a proven content marketing strategy or tip for law firms to increase online traffic?

To help your law firm increase online traffic, we asked content marketing experts and legal professionals this question to get their best advice. From taking a local approach to tackling hot topics, there are many marketing strategies that may help your law firm increase online traffic.

Here are nine content marketing strategies for law firms:

  • Take a local approach
  • You have an active presence on social media
  • Include a compelling call to action
  • Focus on state-specific keywords
  • Use paid or sponsored advertising content, but be honest about it
  • Understand your audience and write content for them
  • Incorporating rich visual content
  • Benefit from your solid credibility
  • Address current hot topics and concerns

Take a local approach

Because laws differ between states, targeting general keywords and topics can bring in a lot of traffic that doesn’t suit you best. Instead, create informational content about the laws specific to the region your company serves. Although the search volume may be lower for these state or city-specific terms, they attract users in your area. Moreover, it will send signals to Google about the area your company serves.

Claire Roth, Marketers

You have an active presence on social media

An active social media presence, combined with sponsored ads or enhanced posts, has served many law firms well. With so many potential customers on platforms like Facebook, there is a huge potential to attract people who need your services. So, be on social media, update your profile regularly, post often, and boost posts that you think will catch the attention of those who need your help. There is no better or much cheaper way to attract online traffic to you.

Court will, will and will

Include a compelling call to action

Creating the right content at the right time for the right audience is the key to successful law firm content marketing. If you want to convert a potential customer into a customer, lowering your bounce rate is an important strategy. In A/B split tests, you can determine the most effective version of your site, including designing the best layout and exploring SEO-rich keywords. Include a strong and compelling call to action and convert those visitors to your site into customers. The power of persuasion is one of the many qualities that lawyers possess. Use this skill and use it to your advantage in the CTA on your site.

Nick Shackelford, structuring agency

Focus on state-specific keywords

One content marketing tactic that I’ve seen work very well for law firms is narrowing down your state-specific keywords. Lots of law firms tend to focus on keywords that display local, urban, or more general, high-conversion keywords. By targeting the company’s home country keywords, it offers a few benefits. First, this narrows competition by about 98% (law firms in the other 49 states are unlikely to go after this keyword). Second, it allows the firm’s attorneys to demonstrate their specialized knowledge, as most of the law that is practiced is state law – not federal or local law. In other words, this gives lawyers the opportunity to showcase their wits while also lowering the competition, resulting in higher ratings for their content and more relevant traffic.

John Ross, Test Prep Insight

Use paid or sponsored advertising content, but be honest about it

When posting paid content, be sure to inform your audience that the content is sponsored. This is especially true if you are experimenting with native ads, where the ad replicates or matches the look and feel of standard content on the platform on which it appears. Without explicitly stating that such advertising is paid and sponsored content, it may appear dishonest, which could turn off your audience and potentially undermine the reputation of your law firm. Native ads must be stylistically and ethically compatible with the rest of your content, and must serve viewers with relevant information. Original ads that are not annoying or false are shown to promote traffic to a website. Just make sure they’re honest, in line with your company’s core values, engagement, and good quality.

David Peyton, walkthrough

Understand your audience and write content for them

For law firms, there are many issues that affect their clients and potential partners. The key in content marketing is not to produce general information that already exists, but rather to find and address pressure points your potential customer has. If you provide real value without trying to sell, you are more likely to be considered when a customer needs to participate in your services. Some of the things that do well in law talk about the latest hot topics in your field and add the company’s perspective, publish reports or white papers on important topics, ask experts to contribute content, and write detailed guides/FAQs that address common questions and concerns.

Ben Foster, works SEO

Incorporating rich visual content

settlement agreement fee
settlement agreement fee; Image courtesy of Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay,

Visual materials, in my opinion, are one of the most effective ways to attract a larger audience. Rich media attract visitors and encourage them to come back for more when creating or improving your blog entries. Surprisingly, search engines also take care of the graphics of your content. With SEO-based captions and descriptions, you can simply improve the images and videos embedded in your articles. Photos, screenshots, infographics, illustrations, quotes, and videos are all examples of visually rich content. In general, using appropriate graphic content will not only benefit your publications, but users will start to see your website as a trusted source for valuable and high-quality things.

Lauren Cook McKay, Divorce Answers

Benefit from your solid credibility

The best leverage law firms have over all other companies that distribute content on the Internet is the reliability of the information you provide. The digital space is awash with questionable and misleading legal information, so it is imperative for law firms to firmly prove that their content is in fact coming from real legal experts.

Since digital consumers have shorter interest periods, short promotional videos are today the hottest and most effective marketing tactics law firms can adopt. Bearing in mind that the target audience is people who need legal guidance, ensuring that a law firm representative emerges as a true legal authority is key. You must see a legal authority providing the information to ensure trust and credibility. It is also essential to keep the quality of the content concise while keeping it relevant to the trends of the day. This ensures that the delivery of information does not intimidate potential customers and will effectively generate engagement and traction.

Michael Knight, Inc. Insight

Address current hot topics and concerns

Content marketing for traffic is all about getting people’s attention. How do you get their attention? You give them what they want. What questions does your ideal customer always ask you? What are hot buttons? The burning questions that others are ashamed to be transparent about? I answer these.

Use the questions as the titles of your blog posts and link them to as many sources that seem to make sense in the response. Conclude with a clear call to action to direct your traffic to the next step – contacting you.

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