Social Networks, Influencers and Data Key to Marketing Success in 2022

Social Networks, Influencers and Data Key to Marketing Success in 2022

With associations heading into 2022 and trying to bounce back from some of the revenue losses associated with the pandemic, digital marketing strategies are sure to play a role. Todd Libow, CEO of marketing research firm Ascend2, said many trends will play out in 2022.

“Social networking, influencer marketing, and first-party data – marketers have identified these three as new opportunities [they] Libo said.

Regarding these three topics, he noted that people are looking forward to social networks gaining popularity, such as TikTok, and new features on long-standing platforms.

“Some networks have now changed the way they interact with their audience,” said Lipow. “Snapchat has made very significant investments in their direct response offerings.”

Influencer marketing is also expected to be more prominent this year. When influencer marketing first appeared on the scene, it was viewed by many as something limited to beauty products and consumer entertainment, but the entire world of influencers has expanded.

“We definitely see this as an emerging marketing tactic for companies,” Libow said. “I think one of the reasons is because influencer marketing probably started out a little narrower in the industries that I felt it was about, and it is now expanding to other industries. There is also a lot of influencer marketing now, so look for the influence of these people that you can incorporate into your strategy. marketing”.

For example, the Association for Advancing Automation shared that influencer marketing helped increase attendance at its automation conference.

The final area that Libo sees as an important trend is data collection. More organizations will rely on first-party data rather than seeking information from others.

“There is less third-party data available, so now it’s really important for companies to focus on that first-party data that they can collect and own,” Libow said.

holistic approach

While social networking, influencer marketing, and data are hot in 2022, that doesn’t mean other aspects of marketing are irrelevant. It will run everything from content marketing to text messaging, also referred to as SMS.

“I think marketers continue to work on the side of this holistic approach,” Lipow said. “Instead of saying SMS works, I will now do a lot of SMS, to see how SMS can be such a small piece of the puzzle, compared to being overused.”

Taking a comprehensive approach is important because it often requires several touches with potential customers before making a purchase.

“We know that people don’t just come and buy,” Lippo said. “You always have to work on all parts of your funnel: So at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom. If you’re maximizing all your efforts down, you’re not going to get enough people at the top of the funnel to grow.”

Lippo said that content is a large part of the top of the conversion funnel and will continue to play an important role in marketing plans. This is because it is useful for getting contact data so that marketers can have multiple opportunities to reach them.

“To collect first-party data, it requires the type of content that people want to provide that information for,” said Lipow. “To do this trade, they say, ‘I’m going to give you more information about myself because I want the content you provide. “Marketers need to make sure that content is budgeted correctly. This is the fuel that drives a lot of these. Be careful not to take good content for granted.”

One report that Ascend2 has researched, Red Alert: Execs reveals a disconnect between the marketing budget and planning for 2022, and noted trends in marketing budgets on the rise. “We saw that they were getting more budget allocations, and they were confident that this budget would be enough for them to achieve their goals,” he said.

As your organization plans its marketing efforts for 2022, what areas are you focusing on? Please share in the comments.

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