Strategies for Developing, Exploiting, and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets in Startup Club’s Startup Club Serial Entrepreneur Showcase at The Clubhouse

Strategies for Developing, Exploiting, and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets in Startup Club’s Startup Club Serial Entrepreneur Showcase at The Clubhouse

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.And January 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The Startup Club is pleased to announce that Jeffrey More, acclaimed author and business strategist, will be the featured speaker at Startup Club Friday 14 January 2022, in a 2 p.m. Eastern time Via the Clubhouse social media voice app.

Event details can be found at

This event is open to all Startup Club members on the Clubhouse audio app. For those not currently in a Clubhouse, it can be downloaded from the App Store of your choice where you can then join the Startup Club. There is no fee to become a member or to attend this event.

Moore is known to have pioneered the concept of the Technology Adoption Curve which serves as a framework focused on strategic market planning for small and large businesses alike. His world-leading work is embraced by those who seek to understand how disruptive innovation can move from a solution for early adopters to one for the mainstream market.

“Most companies fail to cross the chasm because, faced with the enormity of the opportunities represented by the dominant market, they lose focus, chasing every opportunity that presents itself, but find themselves unable to make a salable offer to any genuinely pragmatic buyer.” – Jeffrey MoreAnd Crossing the chasm: Marketing and selling high-tech products to key customers

In addition to being an author with over a million books sold, Moore is known as a leading consultant who works with startups and Fortune 500 tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and more. Business leaders, investors, and journalists often refer to his timeless theory when analyzing and explaining the trajectory of disruptive technologies such as Tesla electric cars and other groundbreaking innovations.

“We are behind it thrilled Jeffrey More They will talk and answer Startup Club members’ questions. As a fan of Jeffrey since my college days, he was instrumental in shaping the way my companies planned and implemented growth strategies that led us to become a public company at Hostopia. “- Colin C Campbell, serial entrepreneur and owner of

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