Time is running out for Florida’s online sports betting initiative

Time is running out for Florida’s online sports betting initiative

Robert Linehan | 4 hours ago

If online sports betting in Florida hopes to have a legitimate opportunity to launch in 2023, the 2022 voting initiative would need about 570,000 verified signatures to appear on the November general election ballot.

With only 18 days until the February 1 deadline, time is running out on a sports betting initiative backed by the DraftKings and FanDuel team.

Hundreds of thousands of signatures are still required

A ballot initiative to legalize online sports betting in Florida for eligible sportsbook operators, and state tribes with an existing gaming agreement, currently has 322,915 verified signatures, according to the Florida Department of Elections. The initiative needs 891,589 verified signatures to appear in the November 2022 ballot.

Florida Champions for Education, supporters of the initiative, can no longer provide signatures. The application deadline was January 2 and election supervisors have until February 1, 2022 to verify the remaining signatures. With 18 days left until February 1, the Florida Department of Elections will have to check at least 31,593 signatures per day for the ballot initiative to reach a minimum.

Mathematics does not bode well for the future of the initiative. On December 28, 16 days ago, the ballot initiative had 233,527 verified signatures. It currently has 322,915 verified signatures, which has been working on just over 20,000 verified signatures per day since December 28. The Florida Department of Elections lists 33 active polling initiatives, all of which may need signature verification by county election observers by the February 1 deadline. All of this takes a long time, so it raises concerns that there are a lot of signatures that still need to be processed. Verify them.

Christina Johnson, spokeswoman for Florida Education ChampionsAwareness of the ballot initiative is still growing in Florida, he said.

The Florida Education Champions team continues to collect petitions and send them to local election supervisors across the state for approval and before the February 1, 2022 deadline. There have been ongoing paid media ads on all channels and platforms designed to raise awareness and help paid distributor efforts, and that’s ongoing, Johnson said. ” Saturday down south.

If placed on a November ballot and approved by voters, the initiative would allow sports event betting under Florida law on professional sports venues and equal facilities. In addition, you will approve statewide online sports betting for qualified sports betting and Native American tribes with the Florida Games Charter. The Florida legislature will have the ability to tax betting proceeds, and all taxes will supplement the state’s Education Trust Fund, according to Florida Education Champions.

Powered by DraftKings, FanDuel

The polling initiative is supported by both DraftKings and FanDuel, both of whom have contributed millions to the cause.

They each contributed $10 million to the initiative in June. DraftKings contributed $12.7 million in October and FanDuel contributed an additional $4.4 million during October/November, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

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