10 Podcasts You Should Listen To Business Owners

10 Podcasts You Should Listen To Business Owners

With podcasts becoming more and more popular, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort through the sea of ​​excellent options out there.

From interviews with business leaders to industry-specific advice from experts, podcasts are a free and convenient way to get a small dose of inspiration and knowledge.

This short list offers just a taste of the countless business podcasts available. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for some advice on breaking into a new industry or a seasoned vet hoping for some fresh inspiration, we hope you’ll find something here worth listening to.

how did you build this, Added by Guy Raz.

Podcast fans will recognize the name (and voice) of TED Radio Hour’s Jay Raz. While this show can be a huge inspiration for companies, one of the most consistently inspiring shows is his new project that shares stories and insights from some of the world’s greatest business leaders. In just four months, Jay has spoken to everyone from Richard Branson and Mark Cuban to L.A. Red and Alfie Soroush. While there are plenty of excellent offers based on interviews with entrepreneurs, if you want to hear about the best known companies in the world, this is your best bet.

magic art Hosted by Jordan and AJ Harbinger.

The Art of Charm is a commercial podcast by definition, but the tips it offers will definitely help you in other parts of your daily life as well. With more than three million listeners per month, the incredibly popular show offers tips, strategies, and insight on how to communicate effectively and advance your professional and personal life.

start, Hosted by Alex Bloomberg and Lisa Chow.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no excuse not to listen to StartUp, the award-winning business podcast from Gimlet Media. Talented presenters come from great radio shows like Planet Money and This American Life and deliver a first-class level of storytelling to show, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it really means to start a company. Now in season four, StartUp is one of those business podcasts that even people who aren’t interested in business will be off to.

The Whole Whale Podcast Hosted by George Weiner.

One of the best things about podcasts is the wide variety of niche shows available that delve into great topics. One such show is the Whole Whale Podcast, which shares stories about data and technology in the nonprofit sector. You’ll get detailed analysis, expert knowledge, and can hear from a long list of social impact leaders from Greenpeace, Change.org, Kiva, Teach For America, and more.

social pros podcast, Hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown.

Navigating the surplus of online social media directories can be a nightmare, so look no further than social professionals. Recent episodes talk about reaching college students on social media, the rise of messaging apps, and better video content creation on Facebook. Plus, there are great case studies with companies that do socially right, like Kellogg’s, Coca Cola, and Lenscrafters.

businessman on fire, Hosted by John Lee Dumas.

An original entrepreneurship show, Entrepreneur on Fire has recorded over 1,500 episodes with successful business leaders sharing tips, lessons, and tips learned from their worst entrepreneurial moments. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, and always inspiring, this show is sure to have at least one interview with someone you can learn from.

MBA $100, Omar Zeinhom added it.

Think of the $100 MBA as a complete business program in snack-size portions. Our ten minute daily business lessons are based on real-world applications and cover everything from marketing to technology and more. Show this on your commute to or from work and watch your knowledge grow.

This week in startups, Hosted by Jason Calacanis.

This is your audio version of TechCrunch, Gizmodo, or dare we say The American Genius. Each week, a guest entrepreneur joins the show to talk about what’s happening in technology right now. You’ll get news about companies with a post, updates on big tech news, and even some insider gossip.

side hustle view, Added by Nick Lauber.

This is the show if you want answers to the big question many entrepreneurs face. How can I turn my part-time job into a real job? Featuring topics like passive income ideas, niche sites, and self-publishing, host Nick Loper is upfront and honest about the challenging world of side business. Featuring actionable advice and engaging energy, the show may just be the last boost you need to grow your business.

back to work, Hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin.
Focusing on the basics you don’t think about, Back To Work delves deeper into our working lives by analyzing things like workflow, email habits, and personal motivations. Somewhere between self-help and business advice, Back To Work tackles a new productivity topic each week.

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