6 Marketing Strategies That Attract More Students

6 Marketing Strategies That Attract More Students

Universities are always coming up with innovative ways to recruit more students through digital marketing. From engaging video content to social prowess and instant messaging, knowing what interests the audience will come in handy. Most of them focus on simplifying and improving their marketing strategies to ensure their money is well spent. If you are a college marketer and planning to improve your strategy, here are six tips that will help you attract more students.

Get to know your audience

Knowing more about your target audience and their interests is essential as it will be the basis of your marketing campaigns. You cannot use a one-size-fits-all method of attracting more students to your institution. Your campaign materials should be based on the programs or courses you’re promoting. For example, you can use Instagram and Facebook for undergraduates, while you can use LinkedIn for MBA programs.

You will need another subject to gain access to international students. For example, you can host gatherings or events that highlight international candidates. Or you can ask an international student to highlight their stories while staying at your institution. Both are great online marketing strategies for international students.

Use high quality material

Using high-level campaign materials is also another strategy that is very similar to influencer marketing. Since most organizations have famous alumni, you can tell their story as part of your marketing strategy. Or you can also work with them promoting a program or course in online or on TV campaigns.

Listing alumni’s current achievements is an excellent way to attract new and existing students. You can do this either on social media platforms or your school’s website. You can also ask outstanding students to be ambassadors and influencers for the institution, increasing your social media reach. For example, you can focus on video content that highlights these individuals and their daily patterns.

Build a responsive chatbot

University students

Nearly 60% of prospective students expect a prompt response from an institution or on the same day they fill out forms. Universities and colleges are less likely to receive follow-up inquiries if you cannot respond to potential candidates’ questions within a few minutes. If you want to make sure they get quick and short responses, it is recommended to use chatbots.

With one, you can answer frequently asked questions instantly. If necessary, you can move the conversation to a live representative who can provide a more personalized answer. Incorporating innovative approaches into your strategy is likely to enhance your chances of reaching more people than you expect.

Use SEO for organic traffic

Building a website will not be enough. If interested students can’t find your website while searching, there won’t be any visitors. Make it a priority to improve your site’s search engine rankings to ensure you get a consistent volume of traffic. Various studies show that nearly 90% of candidates use search engines when collecting pieces of information on the Internet.

Using the right keywords is essential in any SEO campaign. Do your research to find the best keywords you can improve on, strategically embedded in your web content for more efficient organic search rankings. Your website should have well-written content that talks about a particular keyword if you want to rank higher.

It will also help to think about questions candidates may have and the information they are looking for. From there, create helpful content that answers their questions. It will also help you to rank higher in organic search results.

Building mobile-friendly websites

Interested candidates begin their search on the Internet, and do so by visiting your institution’s website. Your website should have an effective user experience and work well on both mobile devices and desktop computers. It should make the homepage and content more accessible, providing a more mobile-friendly experience. Additionally, you will have to consider page speed as this will affect your website’s page rankings.

Most search engines aim to provide the best possible results. This is because they know that users will not want to visit websites with poor or slow user experience. If your website is slow, it will negatively affect your search rankings.

And increase brand awareness

You can increase brand awareness with display ads. Display advertising is more effective than billboards, allowing universities and colleges to significantly expand their reach. Using banner ads will allow you to reach more interested candidates based on their online activity. On top of using attractive text, your banner ads should contain GIFs, images, or videos that attract candidates.

It can be difficult to decide which strategy can promote your organization because you have so many things to consider. One such problem is the increased enrollment rate. If you use these strategies wisely, your organization will stand out even more. It will also help you build more relationships with potential and existing candidates.

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