AI training: Leverage your technical skills and advance your career

AI training: Leverage your technical skills and advance your career

If you feel like your tech career is a bit off, all you have to do is build on the skills you already have to advance in data science, game development, Internet of things, cybersecurity and more.


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Artificial intelligence is used in everything from the Internet of Things to countering cybersecurity attacks, so these cutting edge skills will be in high demand for some time to come, making them an ideal choice to fuel your mid-level tech career. The Learning Master’s class package can take your intermediate skills and enhance them in a number of different directions, including data science and gaming.

If you have some experience with Math and Python, skip directly to the main overview, “Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners,” which will provide hands-on learning through nine actual projects. And if you’re interested in data science, on which every industry from medicine to technology depends, follow up with “Data Visualization with Python: The Complete Guide.” On the other hand, if math is giving you problems, use the Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that can demystify you.

To really rise in data science positions, you’ll need to master R programming, which is designed specifically for statistical computing by statisticians and is the language of choice for working with data. You can start with “R Programming for Beginners,” then move on to “Introduction to Data Science with R Programming.”

Then you’ll be ready for Machine Learning with R, which gives you hands-on training with all the essential tools, like Tensor Flow. Big-name platforms like Twitter, Google, and others are using this open source software library to add elements of artificial intelligence like speech recognition to their apps. You can dig deeper into this with Tensorflow For Beginners.

Obviously, artificial intelligence is also present in games. Unreal Game Development For Beginners teaches you game development by building on your existing programming skills to create a 3D game from scratch using the Unreal Engine.

No wonder certified buyers rate this bundle of courses five stars. It is delivered by Eduonix, an elite team of industry professionals who create and distribute the highest quality training content in areas ranging from web development to enterprise, server management, databases, mobility and more. But if you need a little extra help focusing on this new content, try a little AI-powered music and the Pomodoro collection.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of your mid-level tech skills and train in the latest AI techniques, and grab the Machine Learning Master Class bundle today while it’s on sale for just $39 (usually $449).

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