Benefits of using SMS for your business

Benefits of using SMS for your business

If you are looking to expand your business and increase or get better engagement from your customers, you can benefit greatly from SMS marketing. You can even contact clients who are not in your contact list, all you need is a reliable group text messaging provider and an active internet connection.

Being one of the best group texting companies in Kenya, Celcom Africa always strives to provide you with the best. It opens up a world of unlimited opportunities where you can maximize the benefits of two-way communication including honing B2C relationships and increasing awareness of your business.

Here are some of the biggest advantages you can get from using Celcom Africa group texting provider:

Your marketing or promotional messages must be delivered in a timely manner. Here comes the bulk SMS provider that allows you to communicate with your customers and your capabilities in real time wherever they are. You can reach across different demographic and geographic locations simultaneously.

One of the main benefits of using SMS marketing is that you can customize the message to suit each customer. This is particularly useful for establishing and maintaining connections with the client. Through personalization, bulk texting gives your company an opportunity to generate repeat customers while attracting new ones.

On average, 98 percent of all text messages people receive are opened. This means that group texting is a great way to ensure your message is opened by your customers within the first few minutes. So, to achieve a higher CTR along with better engagement, group texting is the way to go. You can even use it in conjunction with email marketing.

It is often a common practice for some companies such as e-commerce platforms to use timely text messages to update customers regarding their latest purchases and the status of their orders. Similarly, banks use SMS service to keep their customers updated on deposits, withdrawals, account statements, balances, and more.

They do this because they know through SMS that they are not only conveying the right messages, but they are doing so while lowering the costs of services. Because people find it convenient to quickly access important information about their favorite services, both the provider and the customer benefit from bulk SMS.

Apart from a broader appeal, SMS marketing ensures high conversion rates. The more personalized your message, the higher the chances of converting a customer. No matter what you want, whether it’s to get them to click on a link or sign up for a product, achieving that goal is most effective through SMS.

Conveniently, you can also use group texting from any website or service and get a chance to integrate it with the cloud. With the right company, you can seamlessly integrate the service into your existing platforms with ease. However, this depends on whether or not you have third-party software. According to market share statistics of the best SMS service provider in Kenya, Celcom Africa is the leading provider in terms of bulk texting followed by other companies

Start messaging your customers today

In the digital realm where everyone is constantly on their smartphone, SMS marketing can be the hack your business needs. It’s the perfect way to reach potential customers and it’s a great marketing tactic to keep them coming back for more.

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