Camden Looking For A River Project Consultant – Knox County VillageSoup

Camden Looking For A River Project Consultant – Knox County VillageSoup

CAMDEN – City Manager Audra Kahler told the Select Board Tuesday, Jan. 11 that the city should bring in a counselor to help implement recommendations in the Megunticook River Viability Report.

Township personnel are small, and an expert is needed to devote the necessary time to the project. She said this consultant could also help with the public participation part of the project.

Vice Chairman Alison McKellar wondered what Kahler meant by “implementation.” Kahler said the recommendations in the report are broad and affect the watersheds of the entire Camden region. She said the chancellor could make more specific recommendations to address issues that could come to the board and ultimately the electorate.

Board member Sophie Romana said she thinks this is a smart idea and will move the process forward.

Kahler said the town would receive $500,000 in federal funding through the American Rescue Plan Act, and the money could be used for “green” and stormwater drainage projects like this one.

“The river is the largest part of the city’s rainwater infrastructure,” she said.

Bernice Berger, from Camden, told the council that before it spent too much time, energy and money, it needed to get public input to see if citizens would buy into the project. “A lot of us say that can’t happen,” she said.

Kahler said the issue of stormwater management needs to be addressed.

“We can’t turn a blind eye to it because it’s so controversial,” she said.

The town manager also said she is not a marketing expert and will need help educating the public about the issue.

The board did not vote on the issue but reached consensus on giving Kahler the green light to consider appointing an advisor.

In other business, the board approved $55,000 to repair the Snow Bowl’s shaver.

The board also agreed to close Atlantic Ave. February 5 for the Winter Festival.

The Board appointed President Bob Falciani as Director of the Board of Directors of Midcoast Internet Development Corporation.

The board also agreed to compete against Rockport officials on February 12 in Toboggan weekend. Falciani joked that he was tired of hitting them, but the board members seemed eager for the challenge.

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