Does Email Marketing Really Work?  The stats say yes!

Does Email Marketing Really Work? The stats say yes!

Does Email Marketing Really Work?  The stats say yes!  |  iTMunch

To make any business successful, enticing customers to do business with you is key. Whether you are trying to entice customers to return to your brand during times of pandemic or trying to expand your services into a different market, the real question is – how exactly should you do that? How can you attract and persuade your customers to visit your website, store, office, coffee shop, etc.? The answer is simple – through marketing. But, quite obviously, marketing is a very broad term.

There are many effective types, tactics, practices, and strategies businesses use and are part of a marketing plan. Of all the marketing methods, the one that has stood out and always delivers high results is email marketing. Even in 2022, email marketing has managed to maintain its popularity and promises the highest return on investment of all marketing channels – $42 for every dollar spent.

For more than two decades now, email marketing has been a huge part of almost every marketer’s toolkit. And over the years, email marketing has not only grown, but evolved as well. The type of technology surrounding email marketing, the way email is used, and the great results it has delivered has evolved over time. There was a time when email marketing was something business owners wanted to give it a shot. But today, it is a no-brainer and is here to stay.

Today, more than 4 billion people use email and by 2024, the number is expected to reach 4.5 billion [2]. Moreover, the number of emails (business and consumer) sent and received each day will exceed 361 billion by the end of 2024, up from 306 billion in 2020. [3].

There are still some opposing beliefs against email marketing. One might also think that no one likes receiving emails from brands anymore. However, a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa and a survey of 2,000 adults in the United States found that 96% of people say they like receiving promotional emails from the brands they do business with. In addition, 86% help them receive promotional emails at least once per month [3].

Given all these stats, it’s safe to say that email marketing is still relevant and working. But how exactly can it be used by marketers? Let’s find out.

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How to use email marketing services

Email marketing at its core is a marketing activity that involves the process of targeting your audience and existing/potential customers via email. It helps marketers increase conversions and generate increased revenue by providing valuable information to subscribers to help them achieve their goals.

Now, there are many ways you can use email marketing to your advantage. Here are some of the most common ways marketers use email marketing:

  1. To build relationships with clients: build a healthy relationship and connect with your target audience through personalized emails
  2. Increase Brand Awareness: Stay on top of your audience by promoting your company and products
  3. Promote your blog and content: You can also use email marketing to share relevant original blogs you’ve created or case studies of your successful projects with your target customers
  4. Generate new leads: Attract users to sign up and provide you with their personal information in exchange for high-quality content or a downloadable asset that they might find valuable.
  5. Nurturing a potential customer: Once you have the lead, you can send more valuable content directly to the subscriber’s email and help them achieve their goals

So, if you want to incorporate email marketing related activities into your marketing plan, we have some tips that will help you improve your email campaigns.

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6 Email Marketing Service Tips

Email Marketing Service Tips |  iTMunch

1. Personalize effectively

Campaign Monitor research found that using a recipient’s first name in the subject line can boost open rates by a whopping 26%. [4]. Personalizing your recipients, such as using their names, helps you get their attention. To make your emails more personalized, you need to ensure that your campaigns are relevant, anticipate the needs of your subscribers, and are sent at the right time. To win in email marketing, marketers need a robust strategy for collecting and analyzing data from their customers.

2. Beautify your emails

Yes, the message should be valuable and insightful. But keeping your design clean and attractive will take your email campaigns a step further. We recommend placing all of your campaign elements in a hierarchy. You should also put the most relevant information and key takeaways from your mail at the top, so people can scroll through your email quickly if they have a short time.

3. Test your emails

All emails look and feel differently when viewed from the recipient’s perspective. The email may look a little different and may not look when delivered to your subscribers’ inbox. Therefore, it is important to first send a test email to a friend or co-worker who can correct the email and give you constructive feedback about planning. Furthermore, you have to ensure that the email is responsive on mobile devices.

4. A/B Test Your Campaigns

A/B testing is an effective way to compare two versions of one variable that helps in enriching the user experience. For example, if you are confused about which subject line will lead to more openings and clicks, you can do A/B testing to understand which of the two subject lines will work best. Unsure of what time of day it might be best to send your email for better results? A/B testing can help you with this as well. It allows you to experiment with multiple versions of your email and lets you see how small changes you make affect results.

5. Don’t take ‘unsubscribe’ personally

Yes, it pays to have a huge subscriber base. But if not all of your subscribers are really interested in your brand or never buy when planning, letting them go is fine. Don’t lose motivation by seeing subscribers unsubscribe from your newsletter. This is one of the top tips for email marketing services.

6. Make the most of automation

With automation, you can set a target email or a series of emails to your subscribers and forget about them. Welcome emails, a series of follow-up emails after someone has added your products to your cart but doesn’t purchase special motivational emails – email automation helps you streamline your brand communications so you can have more time to create more valuable content . Furthermore, you can also use email automation to send order-related notifications to inform your customers of the purchases they have made from you.

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