ESPN Gets Spicy: Releases ‘Post-Season’ Spice Blend To Celebrate The Big Risks In Post-Season Football

ESPN Gets Spicy: Releases ‘Post-Season’ Spice Blend To Celebrate The Big Risks In Post-Season Football

For football fans, all is well in the post-season. So, game time, ESPN is giving fans something to up their foodie, too. an introduction: Post interpretation.

Post-Season is a seasoning blend intended for fans looking to pair the intensity of post-season soccer with the intense flavor of back-cooking or pre-cooking. The seasoning consists of salt, onion, gochugaru, garlic, paprika, black pepper, and cayenne. (Note: Post-season use is not recommended for fans of teams under .500)

“Fan service is what drives us, and post-rendering is an unexpected but honest way to capitalize on our mission,” said Curtis Friends, Senior Director of Sports Marketing, ESPN. “Post-season football is when everything goes up, so it made sense for ESPN to help people raise their fan base in one of its strongest expressions: food.”

While the bottles are not on sale, more than 10,000 bottles of Posteasoning will be offered at post-season games throughout the rest of the football calendar year. Fans in Indianapolis ahead of the College Football Playoff National Championships will be able to pick up a bottle of Posteasoning at ESPN’s Fan Central Playoff located at the Downtown Indianapolis Convention Center (100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225) while supplies run out. Fan Central takes place January 8-10.

“Every now and then comes an idea that everyone instantly agrees needs to be in the world. Today, that idea is a bottle of spice from ESPN,” said NJ Placentra, Creative Director of Arts & Letters Creative Co. today.

Additional activations around the idea include:

  • Partnered with James Beard Award-winning fishing director, Rodney Scott, who provided some recipes, tips, and tricks on how to best use post-season.
  • The boxes for the selection of football fans and foodies are sent across the country
  • hype video Getting fans excited about post-season (and football after season)
  • mini site ( videos, photos, recipes, tips and tricks all in one place for fans to experience

“Whether I’m on the field or at the back door, as a big football fan, I know the post-season is the time we all need to up our game,” Scott said. “I’m excited to help ESPN in its mission to serve sports fans by creating recipes, tips, and tricks for using Posteasoning.”

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