How unprotected content drives the gateway pipeline for a response management company

How unprotected content drives the gateway pipeline for a response management company

Really taking all of that into consideration and then writing what will be the first of four versions of my plan. We knew we had a great content engine, loyal customer base, strong webinar program, strong blog, and lots of engagement. What we haven’t done is really take advantage of the shared and earned spaces.

How did you benefit from the common and acquired spaces?

As for the acquirer, I knew I wanted to be in the b-to-b hyper-growth technique, so I looked for an agency that also had a really strong identity in the space we were working in. To get involved, we’ve had a longstanding partnership with an association called the Presentation Management Professionals Association.

We’ve built a relationship with him over the course of our careers, and we’ve made new ones. Within sales, there are different roles. You have proposal managers, account managers, and pre-sales. We’ve reached out to PreSales Collective as one of our partners and are working with them on some of our events and campaigns.

What is the latest plan?

The plan needed to go beyond just strategies, frameworks, and directives. We have to simplify. We were trying to do too much while we were running really fast. So, we pruned it. We pulled things off, and we were honest with ourselves about what we didn’t make progress on in the first half, and we said, ‘What views are we going to take in the second half? Let’s do one arc for each of them.’

How do you simplify?

I can take a survey at any time about how people feel about the RFP response. In a word cloud of these feelings, most words will not be positive. We took that and said we weren’t going to talk about the pain, we weren’t going to drown in self-pity or accept those negative words.

We’re actually building a brand around hope for the future, and we’re really going to focus on what’s possible if you’re properly equipped. We’re not trying to help you get over it faster until the pain is over. This is not a quick trip to the dentist. We try to convince you that you want to go to the dentist because it is an income drive when done right.

What happens when properly equipped?

RFPs are a very powerful source of revenue when sales teams have the content they need. We’ve recently realized that content can reach across the sales organization and go beyond just your RFP responses but can actually remove all inefficiencies across the sales cycle.

We eliminated all friction in the sales process simply by granting access to the knowledge that peanut butter is usually spread throughout the organization and access to salespeople on the front lines.

How do you make it real to customers?

We create a transparent environment in the data. We say measure it on implementation. Let’s get it ready, let’s reveal the dashboard where you can see what’s going on. We can track that, and we can improve it too, so it’s not really one and only.

We won’t just run out and you’ll achieve utopia after six, nine, or twelve months. We’ll give you a benchmark in your current state, give you some tangible immediate improvements, and then drive efficiencies in the long run.

What are your priority metrics?

We are responsible for 90 percent of the sales pipeline. When we look across my marketing plan, I have to be very aware that my number doesn’t change – just like sales. Everyone equals content marketing with this gentle, tender hug. But we are also very responsible.

We do not operate in the traditional sense because we produce a large number of marketing-qualified leads. Nothing on our site is gated. I’m a big believer in creating the best content possible and then getting out of the way so people can consume it. We do this by trying to add value.

How do you add value through content?

I want to be a resource for salespeople to say, “I’m wondering about this. I’m wondering if the RFPIO has anything to do with it.” I want them to come to our site and not get a gate. I want them to come to our blog, find something really useful and go, “Wow. That’s cool. I’ll try that now.” If they keep coming back, we will eventually develop that into a relationship with customers.

You have to create really good content, you have to be a really good thought leader, and then you have to do it over and over again. You must be honest. It should be in your DNA as a brand and in the DNA of the company and the people you hire. And then people will be attracted to it. This has worked with RFPIO.

How does that translate into a pipeline?

In marketing, we have sales development. We attract potential customers, and they raise their hand, and they say, “I want to see the product.” Marketing calls them. Our sales development team contacts them, confirms that there is real buyer interest out there, and that we are talking to a real person at a company who can purchase our product with a need we can resolve. We hand that over to our sales organization, so it’s a qualified sales opportunity.

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