Human Hologram Instant Messaging System for Betting Operators and Affiliates

Human Hologram Instant Messaging System for Betting Operators and Affiliates

by Analytics Insight
December 9, 2021

Human Hologram Instant Messaging System for Betting Operators and Affiliates

Some operators have already started incorporating hologram technology into their infrastructure.

Technological advances are starting to look like what we see in science fiction movies: holograms are one of them. Although this technology was not developed directly for the iGaming industry, we will see early examples of Canadian online casino sites and bookmakers. Moreover, this will happen sooner than you might expect: some operators have already started incorporating hologram technology into their infrastructure. So, what exactly is this technology, and how does it work? Do they really look like 3D holograms in science fiction movies? Below we answer all of these questions for you.

2Mee – Face

To explain how hologram technology works, let’s first talk about the companies that offer them. 2Mee is a company founded in 2012 to combine Augmented Reality (AR) and holograms. Although a vision far ahead of its time, the company’s first prototype was developed in 2018. The technology developed by 2Mee is called “Facee”, and it is designed to send instant messages on all devices that can connect to the Internet.

The company originally designed Facee to improve messaging for marketing purposes. Research shows that 90% of marketing messages do not reach the target audience because the design of traditional messages does not have any noticeable features. The company claims that its 3D messaging technology delivers up to 650% better results. Moreover, using it is not a difficult task: you do not need a studio or a green screen. No matter what industry you’re in, you can start sending 3D messages to your customers with a simple download: integration completes in just a few hours.

So what do these messages look like? It should be noted that Facee cannot create real 3D images, that is, it cannot create 3D images that can be viewed from any angle as in science fiction films. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not impressive because, at first glance, the message sent really looks like it’s popping out of the screen.

You can use a virtual avatar or a real person to send a message on Facee. Likewise, messages can be created using only the face or the entire body. You make a recording containing your message, and when you send it to the recipient, it is displayed in a certain corner of the device without taking up the entire screen. It is a bit difficult to describe what the messages look like without seeing them but imagine a face that extends from the bottom right corner of your mobile phone and starts talking: the effect created is very impressive and looks like a real hologram at first sight.

Triggy – Personalization Engine

Triggy is a Swedish company founded in 2017 to provide betting infrastructure services. Rather than offering a complete betting platform as is usually the case, it offers technology that enhances and customizes existing platforms. The technology they use is called the “allocation engine”, and when any bookmaker switches to this system, they get:

LiveScore: Instant results, statistics and odds of live betting.

Next bets: Personal betting suggestions based on user data.

context conscious signage: Personal banners with live odds from multiple sources.

BetAlerts: Customized and personalized alerts about odds, results and match time.

If you are the owner of a betting site, then when you switch to Triggy’s infrastructure, you begin to offer a more comprehensive and customizable service in terms of live betting. Your customers can customize their preferences and notifications, and machine learning technology can give them personalized recommendations. It is also possible to add new features to this infrastructure using various plug-in widgets. This is where 2Mee – Facee technology comes in: Triggy recently announced that it will be adding 2Mee 3D messaging to its platform.

hologram give betting tips

Bookmakers using the Triggy platform will now be able to use hologram technology for the marketing messages they send to their members. The entire extent of this will be determined by the bookmaker: for example, after registration, the CEO of the site may appear in person in the lower right corner of the screen to thank you, or an attractive woman may appear on the screen while you place a bet and offer a new bonus. The content and scope of the messages will be determined by the person who sent them, but we are sure of one thing: it will be a very immersive experience.

Best of all, you can use this technology on both mobile phones and desktop computers. In other words, you can receive hologram messages regardless of the device model or operating system. Since they are just video recordings, they can work even on devices that are not powerful in terms of hardware. Hologram messages will make placing bets and playing casino games more enjoyable and will provide a whole new way to interact with players.

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