Is PNM Princess UMich a “Gossip Girl”?

Is PNM Princess UMich a “Gossip Girl”?

In August 2021, “the yak is back.” The popular anonymous social media platform Yik Yak has resurfaced on the Apple App Store after being shut down in 2017 due to concerns about cyberbullying and a rapidly declining user base. When Yik Yak returned, college students across the country were back on the app, and students at the University of Michigan were no exception.

Compared to other popular social media apps like Instagram or TikTok, Yik Yak is unique in the way it emphasizes connecting with local communities, only showing posts within a five-mile radius of the user. However, the biggest highlight of Yik Yak is that its users remain anonymous. Users can ‘vote for’ or ‘vote against’ the anonymous yak, with the most popular content appearing on the ‘Hot’ page. In addition, in the updated application, posts with five or more dissenting votes are completely removed from the platform.

While the yak usually relate to many topics, content posted in close proximity to the university has focused on the club’s ongoing recruitment process since January 5, the day of the Prospective New Members Orientation (PNM). Some of the most popular yaks during the week of January 9 include: “a very modest sorority operation” and “sororities hired the FBI to at least vote and delete any posts critical of them.”

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